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Confessions of a Caped Crusader CCC takes the superhero genre and reimagines it for the social media age Filled with sex violence and droll sarcasm CCC is an unflinching look at the man behind the mask Confessions is the unfilte. If that title confuses you I ll explain uickly why it s the best description for this bookLego Batman was a


Confessions Of A Caped Crusader

Red journal of the flawed hero that has inspired some of todays greatest pop culture iconsSynopsisIn the aftermath of a massive prison break the caped hero must battle a rogues gallery of his most dangerous foes Complicating mat. Love it Hilarious and smutty Great illustrations জামশেদ মুস্তফির হাড় smutty Great illustrations

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Ters he has been poisoned by an unseen enemy and only has days to find the antidote A series of events has been set in motion that will force the masked avenger to confront his inner demons and come to terms with his own mortali. It was better than I had expected couldn t put it down It s been ages since I ve felt the need to read a whole book in o

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    If that title confuses you, I’ll explain quickly why it’s the best description for this book.

    Lego Batman was a love letter to the

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    A very realistic look at the psyche of a man who dresses in a costume and goes out at night to fight psychopaths. The sexual element certainly helps the read. Certainly not for children, the clergy, or hyper masculine prudes.

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    This was a very interesting take on the caped crusader. It was actually a fun look at what it might really be like to be a weirdo in a bat suit. Very sexualized and definitely not for the weak of heart.

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    It was raw, very intriguing, funny, extremely HOT, action packed and such a page turner. I couldn't put it down! Loved readi

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    it was a good read, very heavy on the sex stuff, I actually thought there was gonna be pics tho, like a comic

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    Love it!!! Hilarious and smutty! Great illustrations!

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    I thought this was an edgy take on the popular superhero mythos. Loved the black & white art.
    Purchased the paper back and got the e book for under a buck. Got to say the art looks even better on my Kindle but I like having the paper back because I'm old school.

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    Great read. Funny, raunchy and out of the box.

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    It was better than I had expected, couldn't put it down. It's been ages since I've felt the need to read a whole book in one sitting.

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