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Ewhere in Nigeria Explore further and travelers can bathe in the Wikki Warm Springs at Yankari National Park; trek through Oshogbo Sacred Forest or visit one of the Emirs. Excellent

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For the adventurous traveler Nigeria offers the opportunity to see the country in its raw and naked state The chaos of Lagos often overshadows the rich offerings found els. Bradt s Travel Guide Nigeria is the best Really I ve been in and out Nigeria since 2000 working in Abuja the capital for 2 yrs and on business Hmm yes this book illustrates in lived experience irreverance and clear prose the fun and misery that is Nigeria The authors have Lagos Abuja and Kano spot on The other cities are great and well researched Really I ve spent seven yrs living in W Africa and hats off to Nigeria for always making life interesting the book illustrates why you need to visit the country but the pitfalls and costs involved Buy the book if you plan on travelling to Nigeria or for a good history lesson fun read or just to add to your book collection

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Elaborately decorated palaces The only dedicated English language travel guide to Nigeria on the market this edition is thoroughly updated with an expanded section on Lago. It was really detailed but what bothered me most was the language used Disappointing to keep reading the same type of condescension whenever I pick up an African travel book

About the Author: Lizzie Williams

Originally from the UK Lizzie Williams has been traveling since 1993 and when not on the road counts herself lucky to call beautiful Cape Town home She has visited than 20 African countries 100 parks and reserves and spends at least four months exploring each year She was previously a safari and overland tour leader on trips across Africa and the Middle East and has now authored and contributed to than 60 guide books For Footprint she is author of their South Africa titles; Cape Town amp; Garden Route Johannesburg amp; Kruger National Park Durban amp; KwaZulu Natal country guides to Namibia Kenya Tanzania Zimbabwe and Uganda and numerous Footprint Focus guides to specific regions of these African destinations She is also author of some Footprint Caribbean titles; Trinidad amp; Tobago Grenada St Vincent amp; the Grenadines and Antigua St Kitts amp; Nevis Montserrat amp; Barbuda For Bradt she has written the only country specific guidebook to Nigeria for DK Eyewitness she is co author of Kenya and has updated guides to Turkey Kenya Morocco and Egypt for Rough Guides Lizzie also regularly contributes to numerous travel magazines and websites

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    This travel guide is pretty much the only travel guide in English of Nigeria, and for that I'm appreciative. Other people have commented that Lizzie Williams is very negative about Nigeria in her guide. I agree with that, though I've read other guides (like a guide for LA) where they were also negative. Also, this seems a bit out of date. Brandt might not be too interested in updating it due to the civil unrest in the north of Ni

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    Bradt's Travel Guide Nigeria is the best. Really, I've been in and out Nigeria since 2000 working in Abuja the capital for 2 yrs and on business. Hmm, yes, this book illustrates in lived experience, irreverance,

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    It was a gift.

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    Thorough and informative.

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    Great book. Accurate and detailed. A good read for anyone contemplating Nigerian travel either as a first timer or going back after a long sojourn.

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    It was really detailed, but what bothered me most was the language used. Disappointing to keep reading the same type of condescension whenever I pick up an African travel book.

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    I have been to Nigeria and am going back soon to see my inlaws book is very informative! Will be in my suitcase when I head to Nigeria.

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    Since this is the only guide dedicated to Nigeria, there isn't a lot of choice. Largely very good. My only small compliant is that it is slightly patronising to the reader assuming that they have never been to Afri

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    I really love the Bradt travel guides, particularly for their detailed historical and cultural descriptions at the

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    This is the first Bradt Guide that I have bought and I am impressed with the Nigeria edition. Apart from being written recently and containing up to date information it is well written and give a great insight into the country and what to expe

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    A useful book to have but you can find a lot of the information through a google search. Nevertheless it was good to refer to during the six weeks I was volunteering in Nigeria and it gave me a number of ideas of t

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    Invaluable needs updating

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