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Summary Dragon Age: Hard in Hightown

Dragon Age: Hard in Hightown

Prolific dwarven author and heroic companion of the Dragon Age games Varric Tethras brings us the collected edition of his breakthrough crime noir drama Hard in Hightown with help from his trusted human confidante Mary Kirby This volume is beautifully illustrated by Stefano Martino lvaro Sarraseca Andres Ponce and Ricardo German Ponce Torres with a painted cover by EM Gist Twenty years of patrols have chiseled each and every stone of the Kirkwall stre.

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E imagesVarric is a rogue from House Tethras He is the youngest son of the Tethras family while his older brother is the head and runs the family business On the outside he is seen as the idle younger brother who spends his time in taverns telling wild stories while people buy him drinks His real job is to maintain a spy network with contacts to deal with various troubles that come along with being in a family that is part of the Dwarven Merchants Gui.

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Ets into city guardsmen Donnen Brennokovic Weary and weathered Donnen is paired with a recruit so green he might as well have leaves growing out of his armor When the mismatched pair discover a dead magistrate bleeding out on the flagstones they re caught up in a clash between a shadowy organization known only as the Executors and a secretive group of Chantry agents all over some ancient artifactThis is a prose novel featuring black And white full pag.

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About the Author: Varric Tethras

En tant u’auteur connu certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs comme dans le livre Dragon Age Hard in Hightown ui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Varric Tethras auteurs dans le monde

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