Wolfgang Flür (free) Kraftwerk I Was a Robot

  • Paperback
  • 366
  • Kraftwerk I Was a Robot
  • Wolfgang Flür
  • English
  • 14 December 2019
  • 9781860744174

10 thoughts on “Kraftwerk I Was a Robot

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    I thought the Spacemen 3 biography was bad but this makes it look like high literature I dislike the ‘so bad it’s good

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    You cannot expect Wolfgang to be objective in his autobiography No one can ever write the objective truth about KraftwerkThe first part offers an interesting insight into the daily life of the group members and some of Wolfgang's anecdotes about his own misfortunes are absolutely hilarious It is embellished with occasional

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    An interesting perspective from the inside on a band that has thrown up a famously opaue facade for the last 35 years You can't hel

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    Well written account with lots of humor Wolfgang Flur has a certain flair that feels like a friend chatting with the reader

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    When I started this book I thought I had met my new best friend What a wonderful philosophy of life what a wise man emerged from hi

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    Freuently hilarious in the way that it lingers on the things you don't necessarily want to know like the long passage when Wolfgang has just met Ralf and Florian with a view to being in the band and Florian drives them from the pub to the studio and Wolfgang describes the exact route street by street and admires Florian'

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    As a Kraftwerk fan I was most interested in reading about their music and the non existent group dynamics While it was a great insight to hear about the build up to when Flür was accepted into the band and the bits about their gear studio and musicianship I was less impressed by stories such as when the then 33 year old Wolfgang seduces a Hungarian minor I for one enjoyed the philosophical musings which others seem to dislike but to be h

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    Several times in the book the author has the gall to tell us that he's learnt to tell his story; not on this evidence he hasn't A decent editor

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    For me this was a no brainer to readI love Kraftwerk and as information about the band is hard to find especiall

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    So after reading this book what can I tell you about Kraftwerk that I didn't know before?Ralf Florian are complete cunts who think the band revolves around them alone they stole intellectual property from Wolfgang by patenting the drumpad he invented in the US under their name then Ralf made things worse by having Karl Wolfgang's names removed from re issues of old Kraftwerk albums that's illegal by the way Ralf you total wankerE

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Wolfgang Flür ½ 9 Free read

Kraftwerk I Was a Robot

Ts the group's alternately inspiring and bitter story from its unsteady beginnings through worldwide fame to the legal battle in a Hamburg court that vindicated the author but left lasting scars on all Color photographs are included. For me this was a no brainer to readI love Kraftwerk and as information about the band is hard to find especially from the band and those close to the band it had to be readIts surprising the image of the band does not prepare you for the fact that the band especially at the beginning of the band are normal young men At times the language is clunky and sometimes the book loses its way but when it lands it is dynamite if you like music read it if you are not a music fan it may be uninteresting

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Fatboy Slim the Prodigy the Chemical Brothers these are just a few of the major names in contemporary dance culture whose work owes a huge debt to Kraftwerk Pioneers of electronic minimalism in the 60s 70s and 80s Kraftwerk redefine. I thought the Spacemen 3 biography was bad but this makes it look like high literature I dislike the so bad it s good clich but this really is so awful in it s hilarious exhaustive badness that it does almost come out the other side The trashiness is so extreme that at times I had to stop and uestion whether the whole thing is a massive pisstake but after much contemplation I have to conclude the author really does believe what he writes Massively bitter at what he feels is his unfair sidelining by Kraftwerk mainmen Florian Schneider and Ralf Hutter the story is essentially an extended character assassination of his former employers Some of his grievances probably are genuine but he whines on about them at such length the book is about 3 times as long as the average pop biog for no clear reason that you lose all sympathy for him by about Chapter 5 He s so desperate to convince readers of what awful people Schneider and Hutter are that he picks up on flimsy details like their obsessive love of cycling and dislike of touring as evidence of their pure evil He tries to support his case by dragging in other people who have fallen out with Kraftwerk Conny Plank s widow Emil Schult who tellingly later falls out with the author and refuses to be uoted in the book and pads out the material with extended chest puffing about his own creative genius in his post Kratfwerk project Yamo no me neither who scaled the commercial heights of releasing one album that stiffed in the late 90s and collaborated with the singer from Pizzicato 5 Of course he s pathetic enough to blame Yamo s failure on a high level conspiracy at record label EMI and proceeds to uote his own lyrics at length imagine a 12 year old writing a meaningful poem about the dangers of environmental disaster and you ll get an idea of the flavour Perhaps Flur s greatest sin though is his dreary lumpen prose after all scathing indictments of former colleagues and self aggrandisement have made for some highly entertaining memoirs but his myriad complaints are related in such unimaginative repetitive fashion that it just makes the book incredibly boring At times I thought maybe the translator had done him some kind of disservice as particular words turn up with almost perverse freuency for example every hotel chair bed sexual conuest car bar airplane and dressing room is described as comfortable or uncomfortable A total car crash of a book

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D pop music When they split up in the early 1980s founding member Wolfgang Flur discovered his name dropped from album credits and the drum machine of his own invention being patented by his bandmates Kraftwerk I Was a Robot documen. Well written account with lots of humor Wolfgang Flur has a certain flair that feels like a friend chatting with the reader