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T people would consider this a waste of time From the moments described above emerges a captivating sketchbook from Christian Schellewald Art Director Schellewald has taken time away from the world of entertainment design to create vignettes that capture his ev.

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LASF A Sketchbook from California

Eryday observations of living in California specifically Los Angeles and San Francisco When viewing such delicate yet compelling sketches one feels as though Schellewald's memories are his or her own traveling between these two cities through his eyes and artwo.

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You find yourself drifting when you become aware of the arrangement of trees behind a freeway sound barrier when you wait for the container ship to disappear beyond the horizon when you sit and listen to the ambient noise of distant traffic unconcerned that mos.

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    More pictures at parkablogscomChristian Schellewald is an art director Some of the movies he worked on includes Over The Hedge and Shrek 2 He currently works for Dreamworks SKGThis is his personal sketchbook with drawings of Los Angeles and San Franciso The style is very loose and medium varied It is perhaps a little bit too loose which I think pushes some pieces over to being almost abstract The ones I like best are those that

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    LOVE at first sight