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Second Chance Hero

It in the first place Now with the captivating widow as his new boss Tyler's ready to show Ramona how good they could be togetherRamona is shocked at Tyler's interest in her Not only is she his sup.

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Ramona Greer knew when she interviewed Tyler Mann that he was trouble But she hired him anywayTyler knew who Ramona was before he ever applied for the position In fact she was the reason he went for.

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Ervisor but she's also a few years older than her gorgeous new employee And she's just not sure she's ready to take a chance on love again But maybe Tyler is the right man for the job in ways than o.

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    The hero pursues the heroine incessantly and acts like he´s maddly in love with her only to break up with her the moment he learns she can´t have children It´s awful Weeks later he decides that if she´s willing to adopt children then he can be with her And she takes him back instantly It´s ridiculous It´s like he´s the one fo

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    I kept reading hoping to figure out what the title has to do with the story Ummm nothing Not a very compelling book

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