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Review Rome against Caratacus Roman Conuest of Britain

The Roman Conuest of Britain in AD 43 was one of the most important turning points in the history of the British Isles It left a legacy still discernible today in the form of archaeological remain road networks land divisions and even languageIn his much acclaimed trilogy now up dated and revised Dr Webster builds up a fascinating and lively pic.

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Rome against Caratacus Roman Conuest of Britain

Ture of Britain in the first century AD and discussed in detail the various types of evidence and the theories based upon itCaratacus' last stand against the Romans has a central place in the folklore of the Welsh Marches where many a hill is claimed to be the site of the famous battle But as Graham Webster shows this epic encounter was not only.

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Real history but also part of an intricate ten year series of campaigns conducted after the initial conuest of BritainBy interpreting the ancient historical accounts and piecing together the masses of archaeological evidence Dr Webster has brilliantly reconstructed this central period of the Claudian Conuest of Britain and its immediate afterma.