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Of fundamental C concepts and techniues makes it a valuable resource even for experienced programmersProgram Faster and More Effectively with This Rewritten ClassicRestructured for uicker learning using the C standard libraryUpdated to teach the most current programming styles and program design techniuesFilled with new learning aids that emphasize important points warn about common pitfalls suggest good programming practices and provide general usage tipsComplete with exercises that reinforce skills learnedAuthoritative and comprehensive in its coverage The source code for the book's extended examples is available on the Web at the address belowwwwawprofessionalcomcppprim. Read to review my C knowledge as I haven t used it in production for a while

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C Primer is well known as one of the best books for learning C and is useful for C programmers of all skill levels This Fourth Edition not only keeps this tradition alive it actually improves on it Steve Vinoski Chief Engineer Product Innovation IONA Technologies The Primer really brings this large and complex language down to size Justin Shaw Senior Member of Technical Staff Electronic Programs Division The Aerospace CorporationIt not only gets novices up and running early but gets them to do so using good programming practices Nevin Liber Senior Principal Engineer C developer since 1988This popular tutorial introduction to standard C has been completely updated reorganiz. This is a fantastic book and a great learning resource I initially started with Scott Meyer s Effective Modern C 42 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of C11

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Ed and rewritten to help programmers learn the language faster and use it in a modern effective wayJust as C has evolved since the last edition so has the authors' approach to teaching it They now introduce the C standard library from the beginning giving readers the means to write useful programs without first having to master every language detail Highlighting today's best practices they show how to write programs that are safe can be built uickly and yet offer outstanding performance Examples that take advantage of the library and explain the features of C also show how to make the best use of the language As in its previous editions the book's authoritative discussion. This book is a good solid introduction to modern C It covers a lot of language features and it does so in the right way ie it does not teach you C through C

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    generalA really good C book for beginners I mean it probably won't work as the very first book on programming but if you have some programming background and just want to learn C this should work really well The whole thing is stru

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    I've been using this book to brush up on my C for interviews I've been writing C for a while but I've also worked in some environments embedded where C was written like C no use of vectors strings etc so I needed to brush up on these

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    This is a fantastic book and a great learning resource I initially started with Scott Meyer's Effective Modern C 42 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of C11 and C14 but realized there were too many conceptual gap

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    The first good C intro that fully adopts C11 style and features Read it

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    A big help on refreshing my long gone C knowledge that reminded my why it was gone in the first place This primer with 400

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    This book is a good solid introduction to

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    Least number of examples and exercises Better as a reference Digs deep into the concept

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    Read to review my C knowledge as I haven't used it in production for a while

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    A great introductory book to C teaches the important features of the language and the standard library right away Given that this edition is two almost three C standards old it still holds remarkably well partly due to C14 and C17 being minor and medium upgrades as opposed to the major upgrade of C11 which this book teaches Definitely worth the read for anyone wanting to learn C This is a great place to star

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    The book is great except that I never finish it It's like a dictionary rather than a introduction for novice even if it attempts to be one which is worse because the effort to make it friendly eventually makes it a dictiona

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