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    A boy comes home one night and tells his mother the neighbor has been molesting himThat starts an incredibly open and deep examinat

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    I guess seeing this unfold from several perspectives may have been interesting for some but I didn't appreciate i

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    Interesting premisse but the way it was used left much to be desired Many chapters started with unrelated ponderings of the respective narrators stuff I was not interested in and it didn't even feel it was building up to s

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    Superb story about a boy molested by a neighbor The plot is developed through the POV of 4 characters The author deftly described the molestation's effects on people without writing a gratuitous sex scene

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    Disturbing And I have to admit it held my interest Would like to see what other books this author may have written

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    Whilst the novel make

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    I didn't know what to expect going in to this book Was it a thriller a drama was the guy guilty didn't know Turns out the book is a very straight forward and believable portrait of a man and boy relationshipWhat I liked about the book is that it was well rounded all the sides were presented and the four sides were presented unslanted Everyone

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    May Contain SpoilersTouched by Scott Campbell was a uick and very interesting read about a child who has been mol

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    I broke plans to keep reading this book I rarely find a story I can't put down but this one pulled me inI enjoy stories on t

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    I rated it a 3 because I found it interesting enough to finish and rarely finish books I don't like Although I usually don't need to like or be able to identify with characters of a book in order to like the story I didn't have any respect for the 4 main characters whatsoever I wanted absolute justice for the sicko who rap

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Touched By Scott  Campbell

Robbie Young is an ordinary twelve year old boy about to drop a bombshell that will devastate his small town family One day he rides his bike home after school finds his mother in the kitchen making dinner and speaks aloud the secret he's been keeping for a year Jer A boy comes home one night and tells his mother the neighbor has been molesting himThat starts an incredibly open and deep examination of how the thing happened It is told from 4 separate points of view The boy as an adult his mother the molester and the molester s wife Uniue Fascinating

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An's wife Linda and concluded by Robbie himself fifteen years later when he has returned to town for a high school reunion Each voice is remarkably persuasive and utterly convincing and the result is a novel that is impossible to put down as it is impossible to forg I broke plans to keep reading this book I rarely find a story I can t put down but this one pulled me inI enjoy stories on the darker side of the human condition the things so seldom shown in the studio movies Bad book reviews about deplorable characters and terrible events are often the reason I select a book I am the reader that enjoys the opportunity to sympathize with the antagonists When a writer can make that easy I m hooked Give me characters who make regrettable decisions tell me how they feel and how they manage their poor decisions in life This is the depth of character I seek in novelsThe style of writing was also really appealing This writer does a lot of

CHARACTERS · PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Scott Campbell

Ry Houseman's been touching me Robbie has been molested and the Young family will never be the same From that moment on the novel unfolds with inexorable power The story is narrated in four parts first by Robbie's mother then by Jerry Houseman himself then by Housem Whilst the novel makes it clear that Rob has been damaged by Jerry it does allow that all of the adult characters including by his own account the victim are flawed and imperfect people The portrayal of these adults is the most interesting aspect of the narrative because Campbell is interested in how our natures shape our perceptions of morality and this novel is about perceptionObviously Jerry initiates sexual contact with a child knowing this and is punished for it I found it disturbing that he seemed to have drawn a line under his experience in the Philippines where buying Ernesto was just business as though this was not as serious as what he did at home Howeve

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Scott Campbell born March 24 1945 in Michigan is an American writer He lives in Boston and works as Director of Communications in the School of Architecture and Planning Campbell holds a Masters in Creative Writing from Vermont CollegehttpsenwikipediaorgwikiScottC