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Est book about the sea ever written by DH Lawrence Moby Dick features detailed descriptions of whale hunting and whale oil extraction as well as beautiful incisive writing on race class religio So Herman Melville s Moby Dick is supposed by many to be the greatest Engligh language novel ever written especially among those written in the Romantic tradition MehIt s not that I don t get that there s a TON of complexity subtlety and depth to this book about a mad captain s uest for revenge against a great white whale And on the surface it s even a pretty darn good adventure story And honestly Melville s prose is flowing elegant and as beautiful as any writing can possibly be It s magnificent actuallyIt s just that any enjoyment or satisfaction I got out of the book was overshadowed by the tedious largely pointless stretches of encylopedic descriptions about the whaling industry Melville strikes me as one of those people who would corner you at a party and talk incessantly about whaling whaling ships whales whale diet whale etymology whale zoology whale blubber whale delacies whale migration whale oil whale biology whale ecology whale meat whale skinning and every other possible topic about whales so that you d finally have to pretend to have to go to the bathroom just to get away from the crazy old man Only he d FOLLOW YOU INTO THE BATHROOM and keep talking to you about whales while peering over the side of the stall and trying to make eye contact with you the whole timeLook it s not that I don t get it Or at least some of it I get for example that Ishmael s description of the absurdities of whale classification systems provide a backdrop against which to project the recurring theme of mankind s doomed uest for complete understanding of truths that are ineffable and forever hidden sometimes literally under the surface I get that I just wish the guy didn t feel like he had to take it to such absurd lengths I do not need twenty pages about how to properly coil a harpoon line I can see why most people don t make it through this book without judicious skimmingStill I feel like I accomplished something and that I can now nod sagely the next time someone makes an obliue reference to Captain Ahab mentions the Peuod or refers to something as that person s Great White And chances are they skimmed than I did anyway

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Moby Dick; or The Whale

N art and society The story loosely based on a real whaling shipwreck features the unforgettable vengeful Captain Ahab who obsessively hunts a great white whale who bit his leg off below the kn There once was a grouchy alpha whale named Moby Dick who rather than being agreeably shorn of his blubber and having lumpy sperm scooped out of his cranium like cottage cheese chose life Unlike so many shiftless layabout sea mammals of his generation Moby Dick did not go gentle into that good night This whale in short was not a back of the bus rider He assailed a shallow consumerist society which objectified him only as lamp oil or corset ribbing with the persuasive argument of his thrashing tail gaping maw and herculean bulk In his seminal in ways than one animal rights saga Herman Melville conjures an auatic rascally Norma Rae out of an elephantine albino whale Reasonably enough Moby Dick hereafter MD despite possible confusions with the profession is irritable when people are chasing him stabbing him with harpoons and trying to kill him Thus in an act which would be protected by law as self defense in most enlightened nations MD bites off part of the leg of one of his many hunters the humorless Captain Ahab Gall alert Gall alert Ahab has the nerve to hold a fucking grudge against the whale for this entirely ethical dismemberment He also holds a grudge for some incidental damage incurred to Lil Ahab as a very weak corollary of his lost limb but I m not even getting into that Judge Wapner would ve never stomached that half baked reasoning so neither will I Now mind you MD doesn t like come ashore in Nantucket rent a lowrider horse drawn carriage and try to put a cap in the ass of that one legged old bitch ass captain who wanted to decapitate him So I mean who s really the petty one in this euation The novel Moby Dick eschews a first person whale narrator in favor of Ishmael a bit of a rube who shows up in New Bedford with big dreams of a whaling career Whaling was the Hollywood of that era He meets this reformed cannibal harpooner named ueeueg who hails from the South Seas has lots of tattoos and moonlights as a decapitated human head salesman So basically he s rough trade Ishmael and ueeueg become fast friends and do all kinds of jovial homoerotic things together like cuddle in bed and curiously espy each other undressing despite their pronounced cultural differences I think Ishmael acts as a keen ethnographer when he highlights the variances ueeueg the savage idol worshipping hell condemned unenlightened oogah boogah heathen and Ishmael the white guy Yet their love endures It s as if all the sexual currents in Neil Simon s Odd Couple were suddenly foregrounded Ishmael and ueeueg find employment on the whaler Peuod helmed by none other than the killjoy Captain Ahab himself he of prosthetic whalebone leg abbreviated schlong and legendary grudge holding So the Peuod embarks upon a three or four year whaling adventure around the globe ostensibly in search of valuable whale oil but in fact as we later learn to bring about Ahab s vengeance against the Marxist whale MD who refuses to be expropriated by the Man Interestingly enough as the journey goes on Ishmael s character seems to evaporate In other words he gradually shifts from a compartmentalized first person narrator to an omniscient third person narrator He seems almost to have rescinded his identity or he only rarely invokes it in the latter part of the novel as if while we have been distracted by gloppy whale sperm and passing ships he morphed into the Star Child This transformation is of course intentional and creates a sense of broadening perspective throughout the novel of transcending the menial and specific to embrace a grand universal tragedy Here s the bottom line Moby Dick is an American classic that sounds as though it would be absolutely torturous to read A six hundred page nineteenth century novel about the pursuit of a whale You ve got to be kidding Did I mention that there are chapters after chapters that merely detail the processes and often gory procedures of whaling I know Try to control yourself before you run out to the bookstore or library right Wrong Wrong Wrong This novel is magnificent It proves what I have held true ever since I started writing myself that any subject at all from whittling to colonoscopies to Riverdance to bagpipe playing can be enthralling in the hands of a competent writer a writer like Melville who simultaneously locates the universal in this seemingly very particular narrative and makes even the occasionally perplexing rituals of whaling seem fascinating Also it s a captivating historical document chronicling MD s groundbreaking role in the nascent Whale Power movement Eat tailfin honkies

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Widely considered one of the great American novels Herman Melville’s masterpiece went largely unread during his lifetime and was out of print at the time of his death in 1891 Called the great Where the White Whale yo Ah my first DBR And possibly my last as this could be a complete shit show Approaching a review of Moby Dick in a state of sobriety just wasn t cutting it though So let s raise our glasses to Option B yeahI fucking love this book It took me eight hundred years to read it but it was so so worth it Melville s writing is impeccable The parallels he draws even when he s seemingly pulling them out of his ass which I swear to God he s doing because who can find this many parallels to draw when talking about a whale are just perfect He can compare any and every aspect of the whale did you know this whole book is about a whale to the human condition And he does so in a way that is humorous and poetic It is pretty remarkable I tell youSo here s the thing I had zero interest in whales before starting this book But holy hell if I haven t been googling the crap out of them lately I mean it s the mark of a superior writer isn t it to command one s attention not just to hold it but to carry it forth hither and thither for seven hundred pages of a book about a whale It s impressive really when you think about it And yet this book suffers a severe level of under appreciation on TEH GOODREADS It has an average rating of 333 which is extraordinarily dismal by this website s standards and with almost a uarter million ratings so far it is unlikely to migrate much from that figure So in an attempt to understand what it is people hate about this book I filtered the community reviews to show 1 star results and here is what I ve discovered This book would have been great admits Anulka if it weren t for that darn tootin whale interfering with the story The language is too much for Gil Michelini who believes words have their place after all we are not heathens but they simply do not belong in this novel Marlan s complaint is that there is too great a lack of story here so much so that it feels crammed in It s like trying to sueeze a cookie into a breadbox Some have experienced extreme aversions to this book It has made Colleen seasick uite frankly it has totally messed up Edwin s mind and it has made Robert want to light himself on fire Even Liz has acknowledged a preference for drowning if such an option existed as a substitute for reading Moby Dick Tracy Dunning would recommend renting the cartoon version which far surpasses the actual text in storytelling capability Still others have been befuddled by this novel s ability to hoodwink its readers into thinking they like it when in fact they don t a bizarre phenomenon Esther Hansen can personally attest to Finally Keya offers a sobering perspective which is that people are only reading this book to read it meaning that if they weren t reading it then it would simply be a book not being read Truly Yogi Berra couldn t have put it better himselfBut Keya does bring up an interesting point here why doesn t Ahab just get over it and live his life I mean should that be so hard In some sense the White Whale is nothing than a stand in for everything that has gone wrong in Ahab s life He mounts this campaign against the stand in but isn t that sort of disingenuous After all it s not the whale that s responsible for his miserable life Ahab claims to be an instrument of fate but fate in this case seems nothing than a self fulfilling prophecyOh fuck my fingers hurt from the backspaceLook here s the bottom line I was afraid this book would be long and boring And now I wonder how many people hesitate reading it because of its bad rap Well I m here to tell you Potential Reader this book might be long but it is by no means boring Therefore it is long and exciting TWSS I implore you to ignore the negative reviews Melville has a talent for flowing humorous prose and there is so much of it here to enjoySo go find your White WhalePS Gin rules

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    LISA Dad you can't take revenge on an animal That's the whole point of Moby DickHOMER Oh Lisa the point of Moby Di

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    “Where the White Whale yo”Ah my first DBR And possibly my last as this could be a complete shit show Approaching a review of Moby Dick in a state of sobriety just wasn’t cutting it though So let’s raise our glasses to Option B yeahI fucking love this book It took me eight hundred years to read it but i

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    I re read Moby Dick following my research trips to the whaling museums of New Bedford and Nantucket whaling museums The part

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    So Herman Melville's Moby Dick is supposed by many to be the greatest Engligh language novel ever written especially among those written in the Romantic tradition MehIt's not that I don't get that there's a TON of complexity subtlety and depth to this book about a mad captain's uest for revenge against a great white whale And on the surface it's even a pretty darn good adventure story And honestly Melville's prose is flowing elegant and a

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    I hate this book so much It is impossible to ignore the literary merit of this work though; it is after all a piece of innovative literature Melville broke narrative expectations when he shed the narrator Ishmael and burst through with his infinite knowledge of all things whale It was most creative but then he po

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    896 Moby Dick The Whale Herman MelvilleMoby Dick; or The Whale is a novel by American writer Herman Melville published in 1851 during the perio

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    There once was a grouchy alpha whale named Moby Dick who rather than being agreeably shorn of his blubber and h

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    I was that precocious brat who first read the whale esue sized Moby Dick at the age of nine Why I had my reasons and they were twofold 1 I was in the middle of my I love Jacues Cousteau phase and this book had a picture of a whale on the cover2 It was on the bookshelf juuuuust above my reach and so obviously it was good because it was clearl

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    So I just finished it a couple of days ago and pretty much everything else pales in comparison About three hundred pages in it was already in my top ten favorite novels of all time and it didn't disappoint muchas I continued reading I actually deliberately drew out getting to the ending so I could savor the last few hundred pages or so Damn