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'In a town like Beechnall there are all sorts of rivalries enmities and feuds' And many of them soon swirl around the amateur dramatic society's festival production of Twelfth Night which is under a cloud after p. The Line production of Twelfth Night which is under a cloud after Your Naughty Playmate 3 - Cuckolding Fantasy p.

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Her Three Wise Men

Olitics result in the departure of the established directorExtra marital affairs encroaching violence and emotional turmoil threaten what seems like a placid middle class Midlands town and soon Alicia Smallwood M.

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Iddleton's heroine is confronted with serious choicesOnce again Stanley Middleton weaves a strong web of intrigue around ordinary provincial life which turns out as the plot unfolds not to be so ordinary after al.

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    I became acuainted with Middleton in the mid eighties in Zimbabwe He's the Barbara Pym of the Midlands England that is He's written many many novels but they were not available in the US Hooray for globalization He really is amusing but this one left me wondering about depth the main character lives happily ever after I shouldn't complain And he really does get the complexity and fallibilty of human interaction

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