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Saphyre Enslaved by the Kings #1

I’ve spent my entire life pretending to be someone I’m not Forced to hide in the slums of Tenebris from those who would enslave me I carry the Golden Curse that has been passed through my family for generations This affliction makes me the perfect b. Basically rape and tortureZero world building zero HEA zero character development this book was basically the rape and torture of Saphyre with a little fu from her at the end This should be called gang rape not RH

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Reeder to carry the offspring of the Kings of Emperia and their elite warriors I've tried everything to avoid this fate until one careless mistake lands me in the hands of my enemy Unfortunately for King Leonidas my name is Saphyre Aurelian and I’ll m. ALL THE NOPESWhat is it with some authors Katze is calling this erotic rape There is NO SUCH THINGErotic arousing or satisfying sexual desire an erotic dance of relating to or treating of sexual love Rape unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina anus or mouth of another person with or without force by a sex organ other body part or foreign object without the consent of the victim You can put two words together but it doesn t suddenly turn something as horrific as rape into something sexyRape is an act of violence against a person There is nothing erotic about sexual abuse From the authors FB page she has been candid that she has been a victim of such abuse therefore its particularly depressing that she has chosen to demean her character in a book that is just a rapefest

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Ake him regret the day he chose me as his breeder Saphyre is a fast burn Dark Fantasy Reverse Harem Romance This trilogy contains explicit scenes and dark themes which may be triggering for some If such material offends you please do not buy these books. I won t be bothered if everyone dies in the seuel Just kill them all

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    Saphyre is a book that I am a bit torn on There are aspects of the FMC that I really like and others that I'm hesitant about Really this was one of my first reads where the masterslave relationship was so intense and so heavily burned into the plot so maybe I just need to ease myself into this niche of the genre Our FMC has a gritty fight to her but we don't always get to see it honestly though that's not al

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    Basically rape and tortureZero world building zero HEA zero character development this book was basically the rape and torture of Saphyre wit

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    This book is very very dark It can be potentially triggering I've read some dark depraved stuff and some parts of the book made even me uncomfortable So this book is not for everyone I didn't really connect with any of the characters lots of sex scenes these scenes can be triggering and the story line has potential The part that I r

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    I probably shouldn't have read this book I don't really love alpha male characters but the blurb led me to believe it was a bit of a Taming of the Shrew set up with the female MC fighting back with all she had so

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    ALL THE NOPESWhat is it with some authors? Katze is calling this 'erotic rape' There is NO SUCH THINGErotic arousing or s

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    Scarlett Snow and Loxley Savage are the ueens of Darkness with their new co write Saphyre The world they have cre

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    A word of warning This book contains dub con triggering dark themes and scenes This book is not for the faint hearted If these don’t bother you please proceed with your reading Prepare your mind and emotions to be pushed to its limits You have been warned What do you expect when these two ueens of dark and depravity co write a bo

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    No thanksLook I don't mind a dark romance now and again But this this was sick First off strike the word romance

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    I won't be bothered if everyone dies in the seuel Just kill them all

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    The premise of this book totally drew me in I even pre ordered But man what a disappointment All the characters were one dimensional every male character was EXACTLY the same none of them had personalities and the authors were conce

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