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    Traitor's Codex Crispin Guest Medieval Noir #12 by Jeri WestersonThis was my first Crispin Guest book although it is not the first in this series The author explained Guest's background clearly so I was caught up to this time in his lifeA uiet evening finds Crispin savoring an ale as well as the atmosphere at the Boar's Tusk Tavern when a stranger approached The strangers' features were well hidden from view by a hood brought low over hi

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    First Sentence Crispin Guest eyed the room Rather than being hired to find a missing person or item as he usually is Tracker of London Crispin Guest is given a package and told he'll know what to do with it Inside is an ancient book written i

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    Of rogues and relicsGod's blood A most favorite medieval oath in Crispin Guest novels And oh my goodness a sharp comment on this Crispin novel with surprises around every corner I don't want to give anything away but the encounters

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    What a enjoyable character this Crispin Guest This was the first book I read in this series but I had no trouble a

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    4 starsInto Crispin Guest's hands falls a very old book recently re covered but the pages are written on papyrus It is the Gospel of Judas Iscariot It challenges and contradicts in some ways the current understanding of Christianity C

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    Doppelgängers? In Jeri Westerson’s Traitor’s Codex Crispin Guest#12 the protagonist Crispin Guest comes upon Crispin Guest while walking 1394 London with his apprentice Jack Tucker Earlier Crispin had been enjoying an ale in his favorite tavern The Boar’s Tusk when a covered ‘bundle’ is placed on his table while he hears “You’ll know what to do” Being a curious person Crispin unwraps the ‘bundle’ an

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    This is another solid book in the Crispin Guest series I have been a fan of these from the beginning and really enjoy the author's writing style Crispin is a disgraced knight in medieval London earning a living as a tracker who solves crimes along with Jack Tucker Jeri has written dynamic characters with Crispin and Jack and I have watched them evolve and grow with each book She has filled the book with the sma

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    This book has received a Discovering Diamonds ReviewHelen Hollickfounder #DDRevsThroughout this novel themes of

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    Wow Is that not the most intriguing blurb ever? That and the very gorgeous cover drew me in And it didn't even mat

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    Jeri has the best character development of any author ever Never static always growing unexpected maturing that so resembles real life The characters make you feel good about yourself and others in your life as you see life reflected in the many years of mistakes and bad choices of Crispin As he and those around him age a

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Summary ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Jeri Westerson

An ancient and mysterious book leads Crispin Guest into a deadly maze in this latest medieval noir mystery Crispin Guest Tracker of London is enjoying his ale in the Boar's Tusk tavern until a stranger leaves a mysterious wrapped bundle on his table telling him You'll know what to do Inside is an a. First Sentence Crispin Guest eyed the room Rather than being hired to find a missing person or item as he usually is Tracker of London Crispin Guest is given a package and told he ll know what to do with it Inside is an ancient book written in a language he s never seen but learns is Coptic It is an unpublished book of the Bible which could challenge the very doctrine of Christian faith The danger of possessing this book becomes real when people to whom Guest shows it are murdered Someone very much wants the book and all who know of it destroyed It is always a pleasure to start a new Crispin novel Westerson excels at acuainting one with the characters setting the scene and drawing one immediately into the story She creates a wonderful sense of place providing information and bits of history along the way as well as establishing the mystery almost from the start She creates a sense of normalcy and timelessness that supersedes the period Part of the joy of reading historical novels is in the things one learns and there are numerous who knew moments included Special touches are the Glossary provided at the beginning and the Afterword at the end One small criticism is that while the dialogue provides the feel of the period there are times it seems to try too hard and ends up being awkward No matter what else it s the characters who draw one into the book and repeatedly back to the series Crispin is a character who has grown and dare one say mellowed over the years while still being someone on whom one can always depend The meetings with those Crispin loved and was loyal to in the past are real and touching particularly that with King Richard II Jack his bagman if one will has undergone the most change aging growing maturing while being ever loyal and dedicated The changes in his circumstances through the series have added dimension to all the characters and the stories Westerson makes one think You cannot stomp on an idea Excellency Once the idea is out in the world it is like the bee that flits from flower to flower It cannot be stopped Ideas are what keep mankind from stagnating in a rotten pool It is not once nor twice but times without number that the same ideas make their appearance in the world Some of those insights are particularly relevant today Character Character does not only belong to those with breeding my lord Good character is conferred on the lowliest of peasants God grants certain men and women this character and no trial of Job will see them change their minds on it Traitor s Codex is a very good book There is much about the plot which can t be said without giving things away While there are several threads each holds its own and our attention without ever becoming confusing yet come together in a strong clothTRAITOR S CODEX HistMys Crispin Guest England 1394 VG Westerson Jeri Severn House June 2019

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Traitors Codex Crispin Guest Medieval Noir #12

Ncient leather bound book written in an unrecognizable language Accompanied by his apprentice Jack Tucker Crispin takes the unknown codex to a hidden rabbi where they make a shocking discovery it is the Gospel of Judas from the Holy Land and its contents challenge the very doctrine of Christianity. 4 starsInto Crispin Guest s hands falls a very old book recently re covered but the pages are written on papyrus It is the Gospel of Judas Iscariot It challenges and contradicts in some ways the current understanding of Christianity Crispin suspects that he should destroy the book but it does not belong to him and he loves books What to doIt is a time of religious upheaval in England The up and coming Protestants are rallying for followers amongst the citizenry especially a group called the Lollards The Catholic Church and King Richard are incensed at what they see as heresy When Crispin is attacked in the street the tension in an already tense story ratchets up Then a trail of murdered men follow in Crispin s wake The people he spoke to about the book are being killed While traveling from place to place in search of the killers of his acuaintances he and his apprentice Jack solve several and varied crimes He is ushered into King Richard s presence and accused of a plot to murder Richard s ueen He gets away on the strength of his past friendship with the king Crispin is finally pressured into promising to turn the book over to a nefarious Bishop Will he go through with it Will he sove the mysterious identity of the man who gave him the book Will he and Jack get out of this sticky situation alive This book is very well written in Jeri Westerson s usual style The premise is most interesting especially given the era in which it is set While perhaps not so controversial in today s world it was virtually explosive and heretical back then Anyone caught in possession of such a book could be burned at the stake The novel is written in a casual easy to read linear style I enjoy these Crispin Guest novels Not only are they exciting but they give the reader a glimpse into life both the wealthy and the poor in England at the time I am awaiting the release of the next Crispin novelI want to thank NetGalley and Severn HouseSevern House Publishers for forwarding to me a copy of this great book for me to read enjoy and review

Summary ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Jeri Westerson

ItselfCrispin is soon drawn into a deadly maze involving murder living saints and lethal henchmen Why was he given the blasphemous book and what should he do with it A series of horrific events confirm his fears that there are powerful men who want it and who will stop at nothing to see it destroye. Wow Is that not the most intriguing blurb ever That and the very gorgeous cover drew me in And it didn t even matter that this was the twelfth book in a series which just proves the uality of the writingThe story takes place for the most part in late 14th century London Crispin Guest a former knight is now living in The Shambles with his apprentice Jack Tucker and Jack s young familyIn his role as a tracker now a detective in modern parlance Crispin is used to handling odd cases but not of the sort that is dropped on his table in the Boar s Tusk Tavern He takes the mysterious parcel home and unwraps it to find an old book written in a language he cannot decipherHe seeks out those he hopes can identify the book and its language and while he succeeds in that the repercussions for those who aid him are fatal Now he knows the book is a missing Gospel the Judas Gospel and one which the Catholic Church deems as dangerous and therefore must be destroyed There are those amongst the shadows who wish to relieve him of the book but they have seriously underestimated Crispin if they believe he will simply hand it overAs Crispin endeavours to keep the book safe in the hope of returning it to its rightful owner other events besides those intent on doing him harm if he holds on to the book distract him The three men who helped him out earlier are murdered there s an impostor posing as him and putting his reputation at risk and he is drawn back into the court of King Richard II when the ueen dies Having been banished years before this move puts his life in danger but he cannot stay awayWith all this going on the author still adds depth to Crispin s life outside of his job Firstly with details of his lost love and the young son he cannot acknowledge then with an insight into his past life at court and his bond with Lancaster and finally with his acceptance of his current status and the role that Jack and his family play in bringing him peace and joy despite his less affluent lifestyleThis story comes across as atmospheric and authentic in its historical setting and compelling and intriguing as a mystery Despite there being much of Crispin s past that has been dealt with in previous books of the series this can be read easily as a standalone story That said I am sorely tempted to delve into earlier books and learn of Crispin s fascinating historyA very different kind of mystery both enchanting and tense with wonderful lively characters and a hefty dose of medieval history and setting