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Dy for all homicide investigation in Kripo Bernie's first task is to investigate the Silesian Station killings four prostitutes murdered in as many weeks All of them have been hit over the head with a hammer and then scalped with a sharp knifeBernie hardly has time to acuaint himself with the case files before another prostitute is murdered Until now no one has shown much interest in these victims there are plenty in Berlin who'd like the streets wa. This is the fourteenth Bernie Gunther novel and sadly the last to be published after the tragic loss of Phiip Kerr last year I read the first Bernie Gunther novel in 1989 and was delighted when Kerr brought the character back in 2006 after the initial trilogy which was completed in 1991 During the series Kerr wrote about the life of Gunther before during and after WWII The previous book Greeks Bearing Gifts was set in the 1950 s and I had half hoped that Philip Kerr would have had the opportunity to complete Gunther s life story and even possibly give him a happy ending This instalment though is set in 1928 I do love the early years of Gunther s career as a Berlin detective and as such I am pleased that this series does finish when our anti hero is young and not aware of all the problems awaiting him Perhaps that is how it should beIt is 1928 Weimar Germany and Bernie Gunther has just been moved from vice to homicide There is a killer on the streets who is not only murdering prostitutes but scalping them Also there are a number of disabled war veterans being killed while begging on the streetsNobody recreates this period of history better than Philip Kerr and we have Weimar Germany in all its decadence excess and corruption Many of those living in Gunther s lodging house help to highlight this as do the many clubs and bars that Gunther visits as he trundles around Berlin at one point in the novel literally Although this series is best known for being set during the second world war it is the first world war which is most evident in this novel The memories loss and humiliation of the war are evident everywhere from memories triggered in various characters to the fact that war veterans highlight the nation s feeling of failure in many residents of the cityFor me this was a bittersweet read I am delighted that Philip Kerr did bring Gunther back into print after the initial trilogy and so pleased that we have fourteen books to enjoy not to mention Kerr s many other novels some sadly not in print but saddened to have come to the end of a series which is one of my all time favourites If you have not read Bernie Gunther before you are in for a treat Both Philip Kerr and Bernie Gunther will be much missed by me and I am sure by many other readersBernie Gunther series in order1 March Violets 19892 The Pale Criminal 19903 A German Reuiem 19914 The One from the Other 20065 A uiet Flame 20086 If the Dead Rise Not 20097 Field Grey 20108 Prague Fatale 20119 A Man Without Breath 201310 The Lady from Zagreb 201511 The Other Side of Silence 201612 Prussian Blue 201713 Greeks Bearing Gifts 201814 Metropolis 2019

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Shed clean of such degenerates But this time the girl's father runs Berlin's foremost criminal ring and he's prepared to go to extreme lengths to find his daughter's killerThen a second series of murders begins of crippled wartime veterans who beg in the city's streets It seems that someone is determined to clean up Berlin of anyone less than perfect The voice of Nazism is becoming a roar that threatens to drown out all others But not Bernie Gunther. I ve been with Bernie Gunther on this long ride and now it is over Philip Kerr has died and this is the last book that he will ever write about Berlin s detective Those who have been following Gunther through the Second World War and beyond now have the opportunity to read about how it all began This book deals with Berlin during the post World War I period and how Bernie Gunther becomes an expert in murder and other crimesHere is how one of his mates at his boarding house describes Germany and the metropolis The show is very empty and pretentious it s true But these days tell me what isn t If you ask me the inflation didn t just affect our money but everything else too Sex drinking drugs nightlife art you name it It s like everything is rampantly out of control you know Especially in Berlin The inflated money was just the beginning The city s become one great big department store of debaucheryThis is early Bernie Gunther Most of the time I m very proud to be a cop I think there s nothing wrong with being a cop unless there s something wrong with the cop of course But sometimes it took a great deal of courage to see the Berlin police force with all its faults and still love itWe who have been with Kerr and Gunther for the decades after this are examining the beginnings for those characteristics that endure Here Gunther a low level detective comes to the attention of the Murder Commission early in the bookIn our opinion you ve the makings of a fine detective Gunther You are diligent and you know when to keep your mouth shut that s good in a detectiveSo welcome to the Murder Commission Gunther The rest of your life just changed forever You ll never look at people in the same way again From now on whenever you stand next to a man at a bus stop or on a train you ll be sizing him up as a potential killer And you d be right to do so Statistics show that most murders in Berlin are committed by ordinary law abiding citizens In short people like you and meAnd his gracious rival for the position concedes Word is you ll go far Gunther You ll be a commissar in no time Me I ve got a big mouth so it s probably just as well I didn t get the seat Truth be told two Jews in the one car is one Jew too many But you know when to keep your lip buttoned lad That s the secret to advancement around here Knowing when to keep your trap shut And when to forget about politics Besides there are too many damn lawyers in the force alreadyThere are a lot of killings going on A series of killings of paraplegic WW I veterans and another series of killings of prostitutes Are they related Are we dealing with one killer or manyAnd the plain fact of the matter is that if we re going to catch this psychopath it will have to be with the immediate resources of the Murder Commission and a few like minded Kripo officers rather than the whole police department But I fear that if you do conduct any interviews it will have to be a mostly solo effort I m sorry Bernie but that s just how it is and how it has to be Understand I hear what you say Ernst But we can t have it both ways Public apathy or public hysteria we have to choose the lesser of two evils hereKerr s attention to details of the period is enlightening His descriptive flair only gets brighter with ageShe was wearing a light tweed two piece suit a man s shirt and tie white stockings and a pair of silver earrings Her shortish blond hair was parted to one side her mouth was maybe a bit too wide and her nose a bit too long but she was as elegant as Occam s razor and just as sharp She had come armed with some expensive stationery from Liebmann and a variety of accessories that made me think she might have been to India a gold enameled cigarette case that resembled a Mughal s favorite rug a variety of silver and ivory bangles and a green clutch bag with an embroidered Hindu god that was home to a lorgnette and several large banknotes This was just as well the Hotel Adlon s restaurant was the most expensive in Berlin I knew that because I saw the ransom demands that were amusingly called prices on the menuBerlin is very strange and very openfar beyond what is demonstrated in the musical Cabaret What s fair got to do with anything If there was any fairness in this world my little girl would still be alive He lit a cigarette and smiled a crocodile sort of smile Fair he says Listen son this country and this city in particular are full of shit And the shit keeps on piling up around our ears Communists Nazis Junkers Prussians military men pimps drug addicts perverts You mark my words Gunther one day there s going to be nowhere clean left for anyone to stand on and we ll all be in the shitAnd Bernie Gunther whose wife has died is certainly aware of the women that he encounters You ve got a way with women Gunther A nice way but a way nonetheless The same way a professional gambler knows the way to count cards Or a good jockey knows how to handle racehorses You make me sound very cynical No That s not it I ll work out a name for it the next time I have a thesaurus in front of me Anyway now that I know you re all right I was thinking of celebrating by locking the door again Just as long as I m on the inside I can t think of a better place for you to be we lay on top of the covers for a while exhausted and sheened with sweat listening to the symphonic adagio that was the city s smallest hours too tired to smoke or to touch each other but knowing without having to say anything that there would be another time for all those mysteriesNeither of us said anything and it seemed to me that for a fleeting instant we reached out into the void and touched a perfect innocenceAt the end of this book but at the beginning of this saga Bernie is the person who struggles with his humanity and his pursuit of justiceYou wouldn t have stood for it You were right about that much anyway I didn t have time to figure all the angles but it seemed like a good idea I still think you should let things lie the way they are I can t It s just not in me I ve got standards and I try to live up to them Whereas you ve got no standards at all and you certainly live up to those I should have realized that45You re a stubborn bastard if ever I met one I almost admire you for it It seems it s true what they say There s no fool uite as foolish as an honest fool But ask yourself this One day one day soon if I m not mistaken when you re the only honest man left in Germany who ll know

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Berlin 1928 the dying days of the Weimar Republic shortly before Hitler and the Nazis came to power It was a period of decadence and excess as Berliners after the terrible slaughter of WWI and the hardships that followed are enjoying their own version of Babylon Bernie is a young detective working in Vice when he gets a summons from Bernard Weiss Chief of Berlin's Criminal Police He invites Bernie to join KIA Criminal Inspection A the supervisory bo. The book is entitled Metropolis not just because of the appearance of Fritz Lang but because the main character might be better described as Berlin than even Bernie Gunther Here Kerr gives us a taste of early Gunther right when he was promoted to the homicide bureau putting his detective mind to work solving a case of a serial murderer roaming the streets of Berlin But best of all Kerr places Gunther in a time of Weimar Germany with the whole country still suffering from its bitter defeat in World War One There s a darkness festering in the air And some areas are filled with the raunchiest of nightclubs and cabarets and sex clubs a real Sodom and Gommorah Legless veterans who survived the trenches are begging in the railway stations Prostitutes line the alleys and the world is bitter cynical The Nazis are advancing towards 1933 but they re not yet in power as their evil specter still hovers like a dark cloud over the future This book really brings to life a time and place and offers historical perspective It is far than just another detective novel

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    This is Philip Kerr's swansong after his untimely and much lamented death last year and he leaves us with a gloriously detailed portrayal of t

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    Berlin in 1928 is between two epochs the Weimer Republic is at its dusk and the Third Reich is just about to arrive Berlin

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    The book is entitled Metropolis not just because of the appearance of Fritz Lang but because the main character might be better described as Berlin than even Bernie Gunther Here Kerr gives us a taste of early Gunther right

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    Well that’s it then Read my 14th and last Bernie Gunther detective To my great regret there will never be another Bernie to look forward to But I am happy to report this was a really excellent oneI had the feeling that it had perhaps been P

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    This is the fourteenth Bernie Gunther novel and sadly the last to be published after the tragic loss of Phiip Kerr last year I read the first Bernie Gunther novel in 1989 and was delighted when Kerr brought the cha

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    i rarely give 5 for a book but this one absolutely deserve it one of the best thrillers full with compassion and empathty for humanity clever full with knowledge great sense of humor sometimes cynical but brings great laugh it is sad we will not have of Kerr books

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    I’ve been with Bernie Gunther on this long ride and now it is over Philip Kerr has died and this is the last book that he will ever write ab

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    So the inevitable last book of the Bernie Gunther books has arrived Philip Kerr died last year in March just days before the release of the previous Bernie Gunther novel I expected that to be last one and bless his heart he had another one for us in stock I love the little introduction that Ian Rankin provided for this book and love the gentleness he lays in there when he speaks about his friend and fellow writer he sha

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    Set in 1928 during the Weimar Republic this features a younger innocent less cynical Bernie Gunther who has just joined the murder suad in Berlin and is on the trail of not one but two serial killers one targeting prostit

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    My first Bernie Gunther is also the last written by Philip Kerr who died shortly after completing the bookThe story was enjoyable and had some great descriptions of Weimar Germany along with characters who were alive in those days playing larger or walk on parts in this MetropolisBernie himself is a Great War veteran and is affec

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