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Ing transformations through rhythms that mediate between the needs of residents not to draw too much attention to themselves and their aspirations to become a small niche of exception Here we discover an urban South that exists as dense rhythms of endurance that turn out to be vital for survival connectivity and becomi.

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Improvised Lives

The poor and working people in cities of the South find themselves in urban spaces that are conventionally construed as places to reside or inhabit But what if we thought of popular districts in expansive ways that capture what really goes on within them In such cities popular districts are the settings of uncertain op.

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Erations that take place under the cover of darkness generating uncanny alliances among disparate bodies materials and things and expanding the urban sensorium and its capacities for livelinessIn this important new book AbdouMali Simone explores the nature of these alliances portraying urban districts as sites of endur.

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