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In The Girl Who Fell Out of the Sky the conclusion to the fantasy adventure series that began with the New York Times bestseller The Girl Who Could Fly Victoria Forester shows readers that life is always exceptional and abilities come in many formsWhat happens when th. The book preceding The Girl Who Fell Out of the Sky The Boy Who Knew Everything is not a masterpiece It feels thematically off from The Girl Who Could Fly adds in an unearned redemption arc tries to fit weird twists that were not well thought out at all and relegates narrative important but underdeveloped characters into little than convenient plot threads to move around It also goes out of its way to state Lily Yakimoto s age totally ignoring the fact that the math does not at all line up with her previously stated age in the first bookThe issues in the second book and yes I m going to get into the book that this is actually a review for in a second are birthed from problems set up in the first one However in the first book they are easy to pass over in favor of the hopeful feels of the ending Conrad s well done redemption and overall sweet nostalgic story But the negative trickle down effect is in full force in the seuel and by the time we get to The Girl Who Fell Out of the Sky it is as though all the charm and semblance of coherence left over from Boy Who Knew Everything have completely eroded away Let s start at the beginning shall weview spoilerThe original title for The Girl Who Fell Out of the Sky was not that but indeed The Boy Who Lived Forever The blurb for this story posited a Max centric story something that was indeed heavily implied by the title and promised the introduction of a new character named Grace I have had a hard time finding the exact plot summary but it went something along the lines of this Grace is sick Max meets Grace and finds out only his power can save her as they grow closer together is he willing to risk his ability for herIt had no big mention of Piper or Conrad but it seemed to imply it was going to give depth and development to the one sided twist villain Forester does love her twist villains of the previous plot And honestly I welcomed that It seemed like it would be subpar but it also seemed like it would attempt to tell a good story and follow thematically redemption wise in the vein of the first story Maybe it would hold a mirror up to Conrad and Piper s own friendship or maybe it would show that after years of abusing controlling and manipulating the world around him he could do this one selfless act to try and fix someoneAnd then everything changed Literally Overnight the title of the book was different changed to The Girl Who Fell From the Sky and then to The Girl Who Fell Out of the Sky because the former title was already attached to another novel and no one thought to check before putting it out on Goodreads However whatever the preposition used this showed a clear change of who the central character of the narrative was going to be Piper was the flier she was only the one whose falling out of the sky could possibly warrant such a storyThe plot summary changed to the one that we see now and the rest is history But my uestion is this why Did Forester not know what to do with Max the villain who the entire universe she built to revolve around It certainly seems it He barely features in this book despite the fact that the ending of Boy Who Knew Everything was with the retrieval of Conrad who had just been brutally tortured and held captive by Max despite the fact that the set up for him to take center stage was so great Nearly everything from the first book that stood on its own is changed in the second book to be somehow tied to Max bringing the expectation that this would culminate with one final climax pun not intended in the third and final book Were the publishers pushing for something less complex a story that could be easily marketable Or did Forester really not know how to write Max Girl Who Fell Out of the Sky was published in 2020 she had five years to figure him out and in the end it seems as though she didn t Maybe it was because he was unredeemable and Boy Who Lived Forever needed to end with some sort of redemption of him changing and becoming a better person But how do you change someone who has lived for thousands of years causing pain and finding enjoyment in that pain twisting the world cruelly to his own wants solely because he can If you want to see this concept done well I recommend watching The Good Place but I digressForester arrived at the answer that she couldn t Max had abused and wiped the memory of his own son implied to be only one of many children over the years and purposely placed that son into harmful situations deliberately setting Peter up to become an abuser in his own right He wasn t just the catalyst for the cycle he was the controller Those stupid rock necklaces cannot excuse everything that happened dammnit It wasn t just his son either it was Starr one of many young women down the line who he manipulated into loving him and then hurt them He shuts her away in a cave for decadesphysically and emotionally torturing her and also torturing Dr Hellion who he is also somehow connected to Never explained but Hellion was under the control of the stupid deus ex rock necklaces in the second book who is simultaenously torturing children one of whom is his own grandson He is literally causing water droughts and power shortages natural disasters that take millions of lives I ultimately think the uestion that stumped Forester was not Max but Grace What was going to make Grace so special that this cruel void of a person could regain his humanity could discover what guilt and remorse was And if he was truly sorry for all he had done what would that guilt drive him to do No that was a topic far too dark for a children s book Sure Forester s story had already driven deep down dark it s true but that was a visceral physical sort of dark This was philosophical this was controversial it had the potential to be far personal for readers and also far dangerous if she handled it wrongIt was easier to strip him of being the story s main villain altogether and figure something else out He could remain the driving force in passing and in theory of course but something else needed to be done However this is one of the big issues of Girl Who Fell out of the Sky there is literally no villain There is no driving force no feeling of pressure bleeding through the pages because Girl Who Fell out of the Sky is Piper s take two bildungsroman masuerading as a bad action novel Max is just an excuse to have Conrad and the rest of the power kids gang out of the picture for 70% of the story he only features in less than two chapters and he does in those chapters absolutely nothing threatening He never meets Piper and Conrad face to face again and Piper and Conrad themselves rarely ever speak his name It is from this lack of main threat that the story falls apart because it acts as though there should be a main threat Conrad and Crew are absent most of the time like I said above on some mission to ward off Max There is an looming threat of the bug egg thing aah but they re actually dragons don t worry guyz that is supposed to be the overarching plot and it ultimately culminates in Piper figuring herself out but that part of the story is such a freaking fever dream and Piper s self discovery feels thoroughly unearnedHer search for herself her wacky adventures with the townies and her discovery she can t actually do anything practical vaguely and lamely tie into the horribly contrived ending This story doesn t know what it wants to be It is obviously a part of the universe of the other two books and is a victim of the problems that plague those stories but it is also so incredibly detached from them Characters who have incomplete arcs or who feel as though they should still have some sort of precedence in this story are basically absent namely Peter Aletha and J and to some extent Abigail Hellion and Starr However this is a minor point the narrative doesn t necessarily need them to play a major role but the continuity would ve been niceThe characters carried over from the other books excepting Piper and I ll get to her Conrad the power kids crew Betty Joe AnnA and the Miller family all seem to suffer from a malignant assasination of personality and depth The new characters Stark Raven Dick Miller Ninsa Hayley Mayla Kayla etc who are introduced are mostly met in the last part of the story and are pretty forgettable I won t pay them much mind because the narrative doesn t even seem to deign to give them basic personality They don t stand on their own as characters so much as something to make the push into the final leg of the storyNo one seems to act like they care about Piper And I get it they don t know how to help her but it seems odd to me that out of a group of over ten or however many they number no one gets the idea to sit and talk with her Are they really always so busy they can t take the time to hear out the girl that s always been there for them Conrad who is supposedly her best friend seems to find it easier to not try to figure out what s going wrong with her by talking to her If anyone should understand Piper s feelings it is literally Conrad He went through this in the last book and who was there to help him through it Piper I am infinitely salty about this This was a great chance to develop their friendship and provide the rarely seen situation of him helping her out of a deep rut instead of how it usually is It s a wasted opportunity Violet who is also supposedly another one of her best friends is just absent from major interactions with Piper at all This wouldn t be so much of a problem if it was actually honestly acknowledged by the narrative and treated as development for the kids Maybe they realize that just because Piper is always typically the most empathic and caring of them doesn t mean that they can t care for her in her time of need And she needs help It seems that after they realize electric shock therapy via Kimber doesn t work nothing else will so they might as well talk about her behind her back and act weird when she tries to talk with themPiper s own development is also weak because she never seems to learn anything new So she fails at cooking because no one actually told her not to cook with eggshells She never learns to cook and make anything edible In the scenes where she organizes Rory Ray Jimmy Joe and AnnA to help her save the others from Xanthia this isn t triumphant so much as repetitive We ve seen this before We know that Piper is the magic friend who brings out the good in everyone she touches and we ve already seen her redemption magic at work done much better in the first book We already know she s a people person and is good at organizing people to help others or take action Piper s arc is literally just her development from the first book but in the circumstances of her hometown It isn t satisfying because we know she s already discovered herself she s been proven to be confident in who she is and in her abilities so why is she suddenly doubting herself over the idea that Conrad won t like her unless she wears pretty dresses and makeup Okay fine so she s older now and she s dealing with being socially aware than she was at the age of nine that s understandable But it s insulting to her character to have her regain her power of flight by simply pulling out a hair clip that was a gift from a friend a friend who has supposedly become as close as family The build up goes nowhere Piper learns nothing It s not symbolic of anything it s just stupid How many days did she even wear that clip forIn fact her lack of flight seems only to serve the plotline of the Millers redemption and also the weird dragonbugtimebomb fever dream Why do Rory Ray and Jimmy Joe start to be redeemed only after she s lost her powers Wasn t one of the themes of the first and second stories that it s wrong for people to accept you only after you sacrifice part of who you are The whole subplot where Piper stays with the Millers while her mother is in the hospital giving birth was weird and did nothing for me Dick Miller lives up to his name and threatens to beat Piper multiple times for absolutely nothing They don t give Piper an actual room or bed to sleep on instead she gets sent to the cellar and has a cot and a thin blanket I don t know what I was supposed to get out of thatDo I feel bad that Rory Ray and Jimmy Joe come from such an environment Yes Does it excuse the way they treated Piper and Conrad in the past such as inciting the other townspeople to try and stone them Absolutely not There is no excuse and that is never acknowledged Their redemption much like Piper s self discovery is unearned and unfulfilling They needed depth but I think there were better ways to give their characters nuanceOh I almost forgot to mention Piper s parents and her baby sister Why Why is there a secret pregnancy This is dumb and unnecessary and adds in a sub plot to a narrative that can barely maintain its main plot While it s kind ve interesting that Betty would name her daughter Jane because it is plain and clearly in hopes that this child will be less excitable than her elder one it isn t handled well and is extraneous Her parents don t change as people and neither does Piper s dynamic with them Betty doesn t sit down and tell Piper that just because Jane is around doesn t mean she isn t loved as much as she was before It s cheap Moving onThe only thing that I wholly enjoyed in this story was this sceneHe d allotted many hours of practicing the steps so that when they were on the dance floor he twirled and whirled Piper until her skirts ballooned out like the petals of a flower in full bloom pg 325This is what my one star is for It s also for the heart wrenching scene where Piper throws herself off the roof multiple times in an attempt to try and fly because that s how she did it the first time but this time it doesn t workThere is no main final theme to this story Don t dump strange substances that the town crazy lady gives to you on yourself Your friends are afraid to help you and tell you that your cooking sucks Lifelong bullies can always be redeemed by saying sorry and saving you from their dad beating you Your mom might be pregnant Psychic bug eggs are always magical dragonstldr This story has way too much going on and it never really figured out what it wanted in the placePSBella who What secret society Sorry not ringing any bells hide spoiler

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Kle to save the planet but Piper is left behind If she can't fly then what use is shePiper learns she can't do a lot of things cook clean and help Ma around the house among them She feels helpless than ever What is she good at How will she ever believe in herself agai. The Girl Who Fell Out of the Sky Girl Who Flew 3 by Victoria Forester 328 pages Feiwel and Friends Macmillan 2020 17Content GBUYING ADVISORY EL MS OPTIONALAUDIENCE APPEAL AVERAGEWhen giant beetles erupt from under the earth Piper is bit and loses her power to fly Now that she is no longer super she feels at loose ends The others are off trying to figure out this new danger while Piper is told to stay home and be safe But Piper has bigger plans And if her friends with powers won t help then she will just have to recruit normals even if it means bringing in two of the Miller brothers her nosy hostile neighbors With a little help from her AnnA one of the Chosen Ones they just might have a chanceAt first I had a hard time Piper whine about her changed status But once the Millers became involved it became much exciting Max the villain is as frustrating as ever In fact I can t believe this is the conclusion of the series because Max is still out there working to wreak havoc I only rate it lower because the beginning drags a bit and the series is not as accessible as other fantasy seriesCindy Library Teacher MLShttpskissthebookblogspotcom2020

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E girl who could fly can't fly any Piper's ability to fly has disappeared perhaps the result of some dark spell put on her or perhaps because her ability has simply vanished forever There is a worldwide calamity that Piper Conrad and their exceptional friends must tac. 35 stars Seeing the previous reviews on this book I for sure thought that this book was gonna be so bad that I d DNF it HOWEVER to my surprise I actually kinda liked the different scenes that Victoria Forester served us Though there are some things that could ve gone way better and some things that seemed kinda rushed the whole book was a JOURNEY Though this is my least fave from the series I d still recommend reading it and the whole series for that matter

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    The book preceding The Girl Who Fell Out of the Sky The Boy Who Knew Everything is not a masterpiece It feels th

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    I felt like the ending was supposed to be totally different This book felt thrown together and Lost? There were so many loose ends when Victoria

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    Isn't the third book supposed to be called 'The Boy Who Lived Forever'?

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    35 stars Seeing the previous reviews on this book I for sure thought that this book was gonna be so bad that I'd DNF it HOWEVER to my surprise I actually kinda liked the different scenes that Victoria Forester served us Though there are some things that could've gone way better and some things that seemed kinda rushed the

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    i didnt even mean to read this book but whatever the first two books will live in me forever but this one is eh and nondescript lmao

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    As a passionate fan of the first book since I was 11 reading this final book as an end to this series was somewhat saddening but at the same time exciting First and foremost I have to come clear and be honest there were many unresolved issues that did not have closure which keeps me uestioning what was truly supposed to happen in the story line before Forester changed her mind as we can tell prior when the book was supposed to focus on M

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    35 starsAlthough I didn't love this book I liked it a lot better than the previous one My favorite theme was probably how Piper struggled to be herself and overcame that She had a lot of development in this book

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    The Girl Who Fell Out of the Sky Girl Who Flew #3 by Victoria Forester 328 pages Feiwel and Friends Macmillan 2020 17Content GBUYING ADVISORY

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    This book in my opinion wasn't as strong as the first two books I kind of feel like the author had originally plan

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