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Scape philosophic story and dramatic monologue these poems describe a moment when somet. Because I m futzing with my own sectioned book I m particularly attuned to how contemporary poets use the unit of the section in a collection I m not totally sure I understand the hows and whys of Harvey s sectioning vision here though I do appreciate the break and breath it provides In the first section the title poem has wonderful dynamism and a strange jerky music and the persona of the Self Portraits seuence I found compelling and the sense of form that felt very sure to me I could not get into the poems in the second section I m easily intimidated by long lines that eschew punctuation But then the third section comes and it s just packed with gems The Oboe Player is a dead on witty idea finely rendered Thermae is fascinating and a nice shift in terms of voice form and concern and I loved Letting Go And all four poemsseuencespieces of the final section are gorgeous Ceiling Unlimited Series gave me chills What lovely heartbreaking episodes

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Pity the Bathtub Its Forced Embrace of the Human Form

Hing marvelous and unforeseen alters the course of a single day a year or an entire lif. i have been wanting to read this b0ook foreverthe title has haunted me for years now

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Comic elegaic and always formally intricate using political allegory and painterly land. I couldn t finish it I m sorry The author enjoyed playing with the line breaks like soAt their hems that seem to map out coastlines left farBehind the new songs are the old absurd hopes I don t understand really how one is meant to read this Coastlines left far behind Far behind the new songs are the old absurd hopes Both of those phrases work for me but using the far and Behind twice and with a line break between the two words this just doesn t make for a pleasurable reading experience for meI m not rewriting the poem here because I think there s a better way or anything but just to illustrate my confusion reading throughI know it s nit picky but this is something the author did A LOT With their nose in a posy then came the stutteredExplanation was reuired if one seemed to be admiringIf I may make a running analogyOnce I saw a high school kid run a 400 meter dash in 48 seconds and change This is pretty damn fast The current Olympic record for women s 400 meter dash is in the 47 s if that can provide some context It was a sight It s been at least ten years and I still remember what the kid looked like His maroon uniform and big hair There s something to enjoy in watching a runner who is struggling crawling forward after the bear jumps on his back as we say After the rhino jumps on the bear s back After the sperm whale jumps on the rhino who jumpedyou get it There s a pride there and a strength there tooThere s also something similar yet sort of different in watching someone who runs in a way that you ll never run Who by running a lap around the track makes you sure that this is what the human body was meant to do The ease of it the simplicity In poems I prefer watching the elite athlete By that I don t mean that this or that poet is better That s a distinction I m very uninterested in outside of the track analogy In track the time is faster or it isn t In art an objective better or worse is impossible to find or at least a uestion that doesn t interest me in the leastWhat I mean by the elite athlete is the person who makes the poem feel effortless Almost teases me because I think I could write that Of course once you really start to examine it once you clock it in and do the math you figure out just how much work went into it and how woefully far away it isAnd though in movies and in life and even in running I like the dogs the Rocky Balboa s of the world who show every footfall on their faces that effort that pain in reading that step by step progress is just not my thing as a reader of poetry

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    these are really beautiful poems they are playful and image heavy and inventive very pleasing to a girl whose strengthsinterests are not in poetry but would like to be convinced

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    I came to Pity after having read Sad Little Breathing Machine so my thoughts on the collection are a bit in reverse Dean Young's string of similes blurb this book astonishes me the way I am astonished by jeweled clockworks siege machinery the musculature of the shark and hummingbird thus in hindsight seems fitting for H

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    I couldn't finish it I'm sorry The author enjoyed playing with the line breaks like soAt their hems that seem to

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    Matthea Harvey isn't the blushing poet shyly sliding handwritten poems in pure handwritten manuscript across the table at you And we should all be glad about that Her blocky forms and shuddering rhythms Liked it because his barks got better reactions it was Easier to sneak up on the servants steal bits of their Dinner was always served at seven though she hid her Lovers in cupboards made them tiptoe past the tr

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    Because I'm futzing with my own sectioned book I'm particularly attuned to how contemporary poets use the unit of the sectio

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    Picked this up because David Foster Wallace had it on his syllabus And because of his recommendation this part made me sadThe bath has a place in our lives and our place isWithin it we have control of how much hot how much coldWhat to pour in how long we want to stay when toReturn is inevitable because we need somethingTo define ourselves

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    Longer ladylike poems from Matthea Still playful She uses words like hinges from one line to the next and still keeps the poems steady Very very pretty stuff See One Filament Against the Firmament

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    The title reminds me of how writers named them clunky yet beautiful olden SF novels Flow My Tears The Policeman Said; I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream; There Beneath the Silky Trees and Whelmed in Deeper Gulphs Than Me etc

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    i have been wanting to read this b0ook foreverthe title has haunted me for years now

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    Where ekphrasis is a happy excuse for the long plight of the non seuitur imaginings Lyrical long lined pushing pushing a progression not seen often in poetry but rather fiction It's a reminder for poets to ask themselves Am I reini