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Me in all shapes and sizes In such a competitive environment there is a pressing need to make one's presence felt And it's certainly not remotely helpful to be reduced to be appear. Bulgarian review below YOU HAVE PERHAPS HEARD THE PHRASE he said THAT HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE Yes Yes of course Death nodded IN TIME he said YOU WILL LEARN THAT IT IS WRONG It makes you contemplate so many things Beyond religion too There were so many passages when I was musing It s like this thought has sprung out of my head but it s written a hundred times better than I would have said it The book is a splendid metaphor for religion All gods are small until you believe in them Until you are the one that allows them to grow God is not some vague anthropomorphic manifestation it s not an incarnation of all your fears and the absolution of all your sins and it s not the institution that pretends it toils in the name of His glory It s not even the small turtle which have suddenly lost all its followers You are God No you are not ordinary You are as grand as you believe And you are capable of as much as you believe End of story

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Just because you can't explain it doesn't mean it's a miracle' Religion is a controversial business in the Discworld Everyone has their own opinion and indeed their own gods Who co. One of Pratchett s best Discworld novelsPratchett delivers a brilliant parody of religion in this early the 13th standalone In the land of Omnia the great god Om is worshiped and all who don t are subject to the uisition a satire of the politicaltheological Inuisition His high priest Vorbis controls all with fear of holy retributionBut is it Om or his religion that controlsThe great god Om has a problem Historically taking the shape of animals like bulls or majestic predators he finds himself stuck in the shape of a tortoise Seems no one actually believes in him The citizens of Omnia are fearful of his autocratic sect that him as a godWhile Neil Gaiman explored this theme better in his archetypal novel American Gods Pratchett also has some fun with the idea that a god exists because of the number of people who believe In Small Gods only lowly novice Brutha truly believes in Om and Pratchett fashions a story around the strange relationship between the twoFeaturing Pratchett s signature humor and superb writing Discworld fans will also enjoy time with Lu Tze The Librarian Death very likable protagonist Brutha and the introduction of the Diogenes like philosopher Didactylos This scathing satire on religion is one of his darker Discworld outings but also one of his best

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Ing in the form of a tortoise a manifestation far below god like status in anyone's book In such instances you need an acolyte and fast Preferably one who won't ask too many uestio. One of the Discworld novels that doesn t belong to any character sub series Small Gods is nevertheless one of the best ones I ve read so farTerry Pratchett was a humanist That is to say he wasn t religious He apparently distinguished between religion as in religious institutions such as The Church and faith as in what people believe in their own hearts and minds and was especially critical of the former I m much the same Personally I find religion silly period It has had its place in the evolution of mankind surely but not nowadays And yet look around I keep hearing people talk about all the good this or that person or institution is doing for religious reasons and maybe some are but they are not the norm and many do it for ulterior reasons anyway eg wanting to get recognition for what they are doing or being afraid of some form of hell or whateverThis and are points Sir Terry is addressing in this book as wellWe meet Brutha a novice in the temple of the Great God Om The problem Well for starters Brutha might be honest to a fault and have an impeccable memory but he also just wants peace which he is unlikely to get to enjoy since he s been chosen as the new Prophet And then there is the tiny problem of The Great God Om who is speaking to Brutha currently being trapped in the body of a cute little tortoiseIn a world full of gods and saints and whatnot with almost everyone believing something else they have to find a way to restore Om to His Former Glory and possibly make things a little better in Brutha s home country and some neighbouring ones as wellAuthoritarian systems the Discworld version of the Inuisition gods saints demons lions eagles philosophers priests and some mysterious monks safeguarding history The reader gets a wide cast of characters that are all tragically funny and always spot on when it comes to condemning wilfull ignorance and promoting free will Pratchett nails it with his snarky and bone dry observations on religious upbringing I should know because despite being an atheisthumanist I was born into a Roman Catholic family In his signature funny and light way he shows how these oppressive systems work often so that those trapped in them don t even realize it Moreover he makes valid points such as that either you do nice good things because you want to and because it s the right thing to do or you shouldn t bother However despite all that the book is never preachy see what I did there P or boring On the contrary the mad romp through several hitherto unseen countries on the disc was delightful and fast paced and I was constantly laughing about the clumsiness and bad luck of Om and Brutha

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Born Terence David John Pratchett Sir Terry Pratchett sold his first story when he was thirteen which earned him enough money to buy a second hand typewriter His first novel a humorous fantasy entitled The Carpet People appeared in 1971 from the publisher Colin Smythe Terry worked for many years as a journalist and press officer writing in his spare time and publishing a number of novels i

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    It´s one of Pratchett´s best works retelling what has happened happens and will happen as soon as faith goes mad uncontrolled and vicious tries to expand it´s sphere of influence and doesn´t care about the foundations and rules contradicting its own commandmentsThe idea of the manifested power of belief imagination and

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    This was the first Pratchett book I read and I'm glad of it While it has the humor and satire that is inherent in all of the Discworld books it

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    One of Pratchett’s best Discworld novelsPratchett delivers a brilliant parody of religion in this early the 13th standalone In the land of Omn

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    Bulgarian review belowРевюто на български е по долу“YOU HAVE PERHAPS HEARD THE PHRASE he said THAT HELL I

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    So this is book 13 in my continuing monthly saga of reading all the Discworld novels And what a good entry in the saga this wasAs an aside i am a little behind in my reading timetable as I was meant to finish this

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    The high and mighty Om has been stuck as a tortoise for over three years now Odd really that this should happen with a country full of zealous believers at His disposal They're devout enough to wage war in His name At the same time they seem to have trouble hearing His reuest for lettuce leaves with the except

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    One of the Discworld novels that doesn't belong to any character sub series Small Gods is nevertheless one of the best ones I've read

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    Winning in HeavenPratchett at his theological best there are many gods varying in size and power depending on the numbers who believe in them The obvious theologicaleconomic issue which then arises is 'How does a small god survive?' Stiff competition calls for creative solutions

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    The trouble with being a god is that you've got no one to pray toWhat good is being a god when you're stuck in the body of

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    I'm upping my ranking from a four to a five just because this tickled me much better the second time around Re read from about 15 years ago and

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