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Essi ma anche dell'a Dall'incontro con Curtis Ray il dio della musica leader della band all'ingresso nel gruppo del misterioso ragazzo irlandese che le ruberà il cuore La vita di Lili 5 starsFrom what is understood that a book is a good book for you Sometimes you understand when you read the first page and you realize that you can t wait to find out what story these pages contain other times you come to a point where you are so involved that you don t stop reading even to eat or put yourself in a comfortable position if it makes you cry it can be considered a good book because it involved you enough to make you feel something when it s over And then there are those times when all these things are nothing compared to reality Without even understanding it you find yourself reading a page after another even though you are aware that it s coming to an end and with it you also have a bad omen Spend half an hour then an hour Close the book get up from the bed look around you and go back to the starting point After an hour or so take a break because you feel something wrong even though you have caught the feeling of melancholy already at the beginning Eat and come back to bed take a deep breath you tell yourself that everything will be fine Without ever taking your eyes off the page you read read and read until you understand that the worst has arrived but you can t do anything about it Arrived at the last phrase of the last page almost without understanding what you read in the last two chapters because you are practically in shock from all those news look up from the book and sink into a place with no return Crying is not the correct term because what happens in the next two hours is much worse you crouch under the covers in the dark crying and then sobbing like a desperate without even understanding the reason you put the headphones on but the music makes you think too much about the book you ve finished reading At a certain point you get lost you don t remember falling asleep and the next morning it s even worse Feel all muffled your eyes burn you don t want to think even if you can t do it you would be able to cry at any time You are having a mental breakdown for a book that in fact doesn t concern you closely And the funny thing is that you understand it because this isn t the first time four years ago shortly after the end of the middle school you decided to ruin the summer by reading The Fault In Our Stars It s useless to advise you to read or not read this book because it s a subjective thing Whether you have read it or want to read it know that it is raw dirty hypnotic and fast A book set in 75 can t be otherwise The way it s written makes us reflect and understand the sensations and emotions of the protagonist the story itself is beautiful dramatic a minute ago makes you feel light and the next you feel like lead Everything is very realistic thanks to the skill of Kevin Brooks who telling the story of Lili also told that of thousands of teenagers who rebelled against society people who had to flee their homes because of the war in Ireland legends that have failed to come to our times It s useless to tell you that yes it s a really sad story and it ll be even when you have finished reading it and you ll think back to thousands of small details that at that moment will not be so small You will still cry perhaps as I m doing right nowI can t tell you if this is THE book what you will never forget or if through it you ill find answers or you ll understand things that had previously escaped you I can t make you love a concept that doesn t exist for our generation I born in 2000 don t feel very punk nor rock n roll But you could stop for a moment to think about what those sixteenseventeen year old boys and girls did and suffered because thanks to their stubbornness and their hard skin we are here now with all our comforts and freedoms I can t tell you if you like it or not but I can tell you that it s worth it

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E dei Naked corre in parallelo con un pezzo di storia della musica e della Londra di uegli anni scossa dalla nascita di un nuovo violento movimento culturale e dilaniata dal terrorism This young adult novel is set in 1976 against the backdrop of London s growing punk rock scene Lili is a 16 year old bass player in a flourishing punk band I love her matter of fact point of view and what feels like an insider s look at the beginnings of punk rock

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Il racconto di Lili comincia con l'estate del 1976 uella che cambiò per sempre la sua vita l'estate in cui nacue il punk e la sua band i Naked l'estate del sesso della droga degli ecc Some of the best books I read are the ones I stumble on accidentally I can t even remember why I decided that I might like this book I m not a huge fan of the 70s I have an aversion against bands in YA fiction I d never even heard of Kevin BrooksSo why would I read this YA book about a fictional band in the 70s written by Kevin BrooksMaybe I was feeling particularly crazy that dayI don t know but I did and it was brilliant Seriously it was brilliantIf I could sum up what this book was about in one word it would be passionate Every single character in this book is passionate about something Well OK not Stan but I m passionate about Stan so that s OK we ll kind of balance each other out Whether it s music drugs punk sex it seeps from the page and it s practically impossible not to be drawn into it whether you care about it or not This book is everything that YA should be breathless messy funny heart breaking intriguingOK I was going sum up this book with one word wasn t I WhoopsI loved everything about Mr Brooks writing I found myself underlining so many paragraphs it got a bit daft especially when I found that my favourite uote ended up coming pretty early on in the book And when I say early I mean the first paragraph My heart was born in the long hot summer of 1976 my life was made my love was sealed my soul was lost and broken It was the summer of so many things heat and violence love and hate dreams and nightmares heaven and hell and when I look back on it now it s hard to tell the good from the badIt was all good and badAltogether all at onceIt was everything Isn t that one of the best openings ever I could wax lyrical about how brilliant his writing is and how it really transported you to exactly where he wanted you but well we don t have all day do weI have uite an eclectic taste in music but I m not the hugest fan of punk music which is basically what this book is about The closest thing I am to being a punk is having a nose piercing and that one time I ripped my skirt and had to use a safety pin to save myself from an awkward situationPunk rocker thy name is not JoBut it honestly didn t matter to me because I was too busy loving this story and the characters to care I think that s one of Mr Brooks main talents Not many YA readers could honestly say that they are true true true fans of punk music and no wearing a Ramones t shirt from Topshop doesn t count but he makes sure that you re never out of your depth Mr Brooks has this great way of telling a story that heavily relies on the setting and the culture of the 70s without coming across as one of those pretentious music fansYou know the ones the ones who corner you at a party and they know everything and they heard of that obscure band before you did and omg they re so retro and how have you never heard of them You know the ones The ones you want to thumpMr Brooks is as far from that as you can get Which um is good because I like to think that I m not the kind of girl who would attack bestselling authors and also I can t throw a punch to save my lifeLet s talk about Naked Normally I find fictional bands YA or not completely horrendous They seem to be so cringey and fake and terribly unrealistic But Naked The sound was electrifying stunning the crash of chords ripping through the air like a thunderous shot of adrenalin and when I started playing and the stage erupted in a blaze of lights it all felt so good that I thought for a moment my heart was going to explode The sound was almost too good to believe We were so loud so fast so tight We were so thereit was incredible I d definitely go and see them and stand at the front and be doused in the bloodspitbodily fluids of the nearest tattooed punk rock Hahahaha I m totally kidding I d be at the back because I m a delicate girl who values her limbs and face Also I find only a certain kind of person can truly look good in a leather bra and swastika tattoosIf however you aren t too fussed about punk music please stop backing away from this book slowly It s not all punk and swastikas and Johnny Rotten Do you like David Bowie Of course you do because who doesn t The Buzzcocks Velvet Underground Pink Floyd THE WURZELS Yep This book comes with one of the best readymade soundtracks I knowSee I m not a complete dunce in 70s music But if I had been alive in the 70s I like to think that I would be cool enough to be looking upwards a bit Northern Things were happening up there I dunno you may have heard of themAnd while I m talking about awesome things from the 70s that came from my neck of the woods The shop was called Sex and over the years it came to be known as the birthplace of the sex pistols When Curtis first took me there in August 1975 it already had a growing reputation as the place to be It was owned and run by Malcolm McClaren and Vivienne Westwood Dame Vivienne WestwoodNeed I say Northern England sure produces the most excellent of artists coughI think this book would be perfect for anyone who is interested in reading something that is a bit different from the norm This isn t a book set in a high school and it s not set in a dystopian world It is truly sex drugs and rock n roll punk rock But the glorious thing about this book is that it won t just interest people who are interested in the 70s or music but anyone who is interested in British and Northern Irish history as a whole Mr Brooks sets the scene perfectly and it s rough and it s uncomfortable and it s so so goodAnyway enough with the setting I think we ve established that Mr Brooks knows his stuff My favourite thing about this book were the characters I absolutely loved Lili our narrator She was such a gorgeous vibrant and clever heroine I loved how she held her own in a very masculine world She was such a caring character who even though I didn t always agree with the things she did always tried to do the right thing and stand by the people she cared about no matter how close they were to crashing and burningShe was also hilarious I bought most of my clothes from jumble sales and charity shops and as far as I remember my hair at the time was a failed attempt at a Suzi uatro style layered cut which might not have looked all that bad if I hadn t recently attacked it myself with a pair of blunt scissors an exercise that resulted in me resembling a slightly deranged medieval waif DAlso she plays the guitar like an absolute beastWhile I m talking about Lili I have to talk about something elseSlight spoilerI also loved the relationship between William and Lili so much As much as I loved Curtis Ray in all his tragedy and beauty and I appreciated how magnificent he is as a character William Bonney takes the biscuit I just loved how he treated Lili It made me feel how I was supposed to feel at my ageExcited and stupidBut stupid in a good way girly sighI m not going to talk about these two too much because I think it s best to meet them on your own terms but I will say one thing something that I think will sum up their relationship On one of their dates they walk around London discussing the genius of David Bowie and whether it was Ziggy Stardust or Aladdin Sane who had the orange stripe across their faceIf you can give me an example of a perfect date consider my reviewer s bonnet eatenEnd of slight spoilerThe only problem I had was this book was the ending Not the just before the ending ending which I really loved but the proper ending I was OK up until then Then things got a little too neat and tied up and lovelyBUT After the angst Mr Brooks had put us through a nice ending was a bit of a reprieveHey I m a Brit I like my endings messy don t judge mePerhaps a little unrelated I read this book on my Kindle which is such a shame because I would have LOVED to have seen the faces of my fellow commuters as they saw what I was readingLive fast Play dirty GET NAKEDLOLAnyway this book is spectacular and you should be reading itYou can read this review and other exciting things on my blog Wear the Old Coat

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    “You can’t make them unhappen You can’t just leave them behind because once they’ve happened they’re part of yo

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    Some of the best books I read are the ones I stumble on accidentally I can’t even remember why I decided that I might like this book I’m not a huge fan of the 70s I have an aversion against bands in YA fiction I’d never even heard of Kevin BrooksSo why would I read this YA book about a fictional band in the 70s wr

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    I’d never read a Kevin Brooks book before this one but I know a lot of people rave about his writing so when I got the review reuest even thou

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    5 starsFrom what is understood that a book is a good book for you Sometimes you understand when you read the first page and you realize that you can't wait to find out what story these pages contain; other times you come to a point where you a

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    I would have looked good in an elegantly wasted kind of way I would of looked cool like I didn't care I would of looked rock 'n' roll

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    This is the best book I have read in a long time The Troubles the ethno nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland during the late 20th century may be living memory for any of us over 30 but for teenagers they are history and a new book is needed to replace the likes of Joan Lingard's excellent Across the Barricades Naked fills this space brilliantly with a narrative seen through the eyes of naive teenage girl ex

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    Naked is one of those books by a well established author that you just know is going to be huge While not entirely for me

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    This is the first Kevin Brooks book I've read but it will definitely not be the last This was a raw exciting novel set in the burgeoning world of punk The main character is Lili a young classically trained musician who finds herself swept into this dirty unglamorous music scene that began sweeping its way through 70's era England She finds herself becoming the bassist of a group called 'Naked' but is never really sure if she fit

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    This young adult novel is set in 1976 against the backdrop of London's growing punk rock scene Lili is a 16 year old bass player in a flourishing punk band I love her matter of fact point of view and what feels like an insid

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    This book was stupid boring and pointless Maybe someone who was really into the origins of the punk music scene would enjoy it I honestly don