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Can a wolf become the man of her dreamsLillian may have sworn off men but Jake’s not just any man he’s a wolf shifter – the Alpha of the Snowdonia Wolf Pack When she gives the huge injured dog shelter from the storm she has no id. My Rating VERY GOOD The characteristics of a 4 star book include a great story I loved the characters and there was an interesting plot and uniue story elements there may have been a few odd things kept the story from being amazing I would read it again and I would recommend it to a friend This book provided by Liuid Silver Books for an honest reviewMy ThoughtsAlthough this was a novella Wolf at the Door was a robust romantic tale that read like a full length novel Both the story concept and characters had endearing ualities that made for a very enjoyable read I always love a good shifter tale if it is well written and this story was written well Although the reader only gleans a bit about the background and pack hierarchy of the Snowdonia wolves Wolf at the Door was very immersive because of multidimensional characters Jake and Lillian were expressive and sweet with a full range of emotions I look forward to reading in the series and will love to see Sasha get his mate comeuppance LOL

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Ea about his true self so he courts her the only way he can via a psychic link into her dreamsHe vows to claim her as his Mate and when Jake makes a vow he keeps it but it’s not that easy Shifters don’t usually pair off with humans. When I was first asked to read and review this book I was game because it was a paranormal Then I saw the cover realized it would be a wolf book and I got super excited I love paranormalshifter wolves and romance It was later in the evening when I decided to start it to see how far I could get Well by 1 am I could barely keep my eyes open but was so torn because I seriously could not put this book downCongrats to you Sofia Grey for writing a fantastic shifter story I love love loved it At 87 pages it was the perfect length for me to read at one time but then at the same time it just wasn t long enough either because I didn t want the story to end I have to say I fell in love with Wolfie before the end of Chapter 1 His protectiveness was immediate for who he recognized to be his Mate and was impressed that he had respect enough to give her a little time to get used to him before he scared the crap out of her And how cool to have the ability to invade someone s dreams That was a trait I hadn t read in any books before so I really enjoyed that I won t give you any details though so you can experience it for yourself This is an erotic novella and the electricity between WolfieJake and Lillian was instantaneous powerful and simply hot I whole heartedly believe there is such a thing as love at first sight even though Lillian definitely fights it She was a scarred popstar running away from a bad relationship to hide in the Snowdonia Mountains at Lupus Cottage to heal With the simple gesture of taking in and caring for an animal she thought she d hit with her car she started a chain reaction that would end up having a profound healing effect on both of their livesI want to read this againand againand can you please pretty please hurry with A Handful of Wolf Snowdonia Wolves 2 Absolutely without a doubt 5 stars Kudos Ms Grey

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Especially not Pack Alphas She’s a famous pop singer while he prefers to stay in the shadows and then there's the big reason humans have no idea wolf shifters existCan he shift Lillian’s world enough for her to fall in love with h. After reading Finishing Wolf at the Door it was a uick read 2 hours I find myself in two minds about the book The book started off promising it held that promise for uite a while however at about 60% it become rushed and disjointedI was excited to begin reading this I ve had it in my line up for some time now and the urge for a little paranormal hit and that s how I found myself reading Wolf at the Door by Sofia Grey a little earlier than I would have if I d followed my current to be read orderFirst off I was surprised at the speed the reading percentages jumped on my kindle I realized very uickly that it s shorter than a normal book but not uite as short at a novella But I wouldn t classify it a full novel if that makes senseWhen I noticed the time it took to reach 50% that s when I started worrying You see right from the start it was really enjoyable I loved the approach I really started falling in love with the characters I was happy with where it was leading and at that point this book although written in 3rd person was leading up to becoming a full 5 star read for meBut alas then something strange happened and all of a sudden I felt as if I was trying to keep up with the book It went from a full on detailed tale to a snippet version As if there was so much to tell but it was all done in little bits jumping around a little to uickly This is where Wolf at the Door dropped for me I didn t like that I really didn t like it Let me put it to you in a clear manner For example Day one to day two spanned over the first 55% or so of the book Then suddenly day 3 to the end was written over the remaining 45% Now I know it s not unusual many authors jump time to move the story along but within that 45% it was something like 6 weeks or maybe a month all crammed into those short pages And that s not all Those short snippets were essentially the crux of the story This was basically where the high point in the book occurred So if you understand what I mean then you will understand why I struggled to go from chilled pace written in a descriptive and enjoyable manner to suddenly being forced to follow the development of the plot while it s done in a very short very brief and not a very descriptive manner Then to make matters worse the end approaches and then it s just done Finished The End When I reached 96% I thought this must be a part one of at the very least two books and yes it s a series but I don t actually know it there s a follow that will be revolving around Lillian and Jake I really don t know And that s a problem for me because to me this book is so far from finish and it s not because I really want it s as if I feel cheated out of the full reading experience Something was missing and I m going to go out on a limb here and say that that something was the whole second part of the book In fact what was missing was half of the story I never got to enjoy it had a taste in the beginning but never got to experience the end fully Now it must be said that even written in not my personal fav 3rd person POV I really did enjoy the writing It didn t feel as airy to me as it usually feels when reading 3rd person I felt way involved and much connected to the characters and the story and that s a huge feat So that s a thumbs up from me because it s something I struggle with and in this case I found it extremely enjoyableLike I ve mentioned I was having a wonderful time reading the first half I loved the just of the story adored where I imagined it was leading to and really it was as close to a perfect erotic paranormal romance as you can get Well the first half wasSo honestly I don t know if there just wasn t to tell except the ending or if there was a time crunch or what but whatever the reason this book was not finished off properly at all And that s very sad It s essentially a great book in the making that isHere s what happens And seriously it s not something uniue nothing spectacular as far as plots go but it was highly enjoyable and that s the bottom lineSo Lillian a famous pop singer who s escaping her hectic life for a while heads off to a deserted area in the mountains On her way there she finds a wounded dog or at least she thinks it s a dog on the road When she get s out he s gone and she can t find him So she continues on her way and eventually reaches her destination a secluded cottage in the middle of nowhereA few minutes later the dog arrives at her doorstep She takes him in treat s his wounds and that s how it all beginsI don t want to give to much of the beginning away since as you already know I felt that most of the story was during this time so I wouldn t want to spoil it muchThe bottom line is that it turns out it s not a dog but of course a wolf and she s his mateNow Jake is the Alpha Wolf of his pack and he s been searching for his mate for some time He didn t know when he arrives at the house in wolf form that he would find Lillian and that she would be his mate but the moment he lays eyes on her it s official and he just knows it to be the caseOf course like most tales of where wolf or in this case Shifter and human relationship there s the little problem of the human adjusting to the news of being the mate to a wolf and since it s a norm it happens in this bookJake stared at the vision before him unable to stop his mouth from dropping open and his tongue lolling outHerShe was almost certainly naked beneath a white robe with a flash of cleavage and a long slender leg in view He dragged his eyes higher Graceful neck determined chin and an almost perfectly shaped oval face with cheekbones he could cut himself on Damp curls stuck to her forehead above intelligent green brown eyes and he was struck by the contrast of her translucent skin against the riotous mass of flame red hairOh God Her perfume Amber resin with a hint of mountain heather after the rain He inhaled deeply intoxicated He d obviously passed out from the pain or was hallucinating due to hypothermiaThe vision spoke Oh you poor thing Even her voice was perfect Husky and deep with a hint of a lilting Irish accentThe words rippled across his skin making him want to howl with the sheer pleasure of it She crouched giving him another flash of her breasts and held out her hand Remembering his manners he nuzzled at her fingers and risked a uick lick The taste made his head spin and his blood heat How could this be She was his MateAnyhoo so that s my opinion In the one hand I had a good time reading it and in the other I had a few issues with how it all came together But overall I m happy And if the second book were to be a continuation on Lillian and Jakes story then absolutely I ll be reading itJust know that the fireworks take place early and then it s really just a slight let down from there on out but it s fun a uick read and a very sexy read

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    Book provided by author for honest reviewSynopsisPop star Lillian Hart is determined never to trust another man She has no idea that the wolf at

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    Well Sofia Grey has this time given us a fantasy real world story of shape shifters interacting with humansI was so pleased to see the characters had real and original names not the same as in every other book we read to the point you sometimes wonder which Raphael or whoever people are referring toGreat to have a Jake and a Lillian Jake yummy shifter knew from the moment he saw Ella that she was his mate its a built in

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    My Rating ❤❤❤❤ VERY GOOD The characteristics of a 4 star book include a great story; I loved the characters; and there was a

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    A lovely softer take on the growly shifter romance I liked the issues of both main characters and their inescapable fated? attraction but would like to read of the world buildingLuckily there are books coming in the series

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    When I was first asked to read and review this book I was game because it was a paranormal Then I saw the cover realized it would be a

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    This book was given to the reviewer by the author in a R2R through the group PNR NaUBA This book was provided in exchange for an honest reviewThis is my first time reading a Sofia Grey book and her first book in the Snowdonia Wolves series I sincerely hope she will ask me to review every single one of them cause I certainly want to keep reading about these shifters This book was a solid 45 star read for me You know how much I liked it whe

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    ★★★½ Sweet sexy PNR with LOL moments From the moment Jake had shifted to human form a very delectable shape indeed she knew her life would never be the same She felt connected to this man in a way she’d never known before Every instin

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    Note I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI am definitely a fan of Ms Grey's work This was a TLC shifter story that was well written as always with strong characterization and a realistic storyline I liked our hero Jake love the name too He was strong but very willing to be the supp

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    After reading Finishing Wolf at the Door it was a uick read 2 hours I find myself in two minds about the book The book started off promising it held that promise for uite a while however at about 60% it become rushed and disjointedI was excited to begin reading this I've had it in my line up for some time now and the urge

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    Oh my goodness I love shifter books as much as the next person but I have never been so glad to be finished with a book before in my life The heroine is the one that ruined the whole thing for me She was incredibly stupid So dumb in