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Once every 2 to 3 days so he can have sex with his clients and Reno realizes the rumors are true He tells Reno that he'll give him some of the money he makes as payment for renting out the room for that. I love this

Free download Inside Gods Arms Season 1 Yaoi Manga

Inside Gods Arms Season 1 Yaoi Manga

Time Reno reluctantly agrees and everything is going just fine until the day he accidentally walks back into their shared rom and is confronted with the sight of Roger having sex with one of his custome. It s too damn shortBeautiful artwork amazing plot Where s the next volume Please release it soon It s too good a yaoi to pass up

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Reno's got a new roommate and his name is Roger Brower His nickname is Casanova and there are rumors that he sells his body for money Soon after arriving he asks Reno if he can leave the room for 3 hours. 25 stars

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    Good storyThis is a good story I believe in supporting the author by buying the manga artist I have read this series multi

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    25 stars

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    I love this

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    Mi opinión sobre la serie completaAcostumbrada a una Nekota on fire esta serie me ha pillado desprevenida porue es un tono mucho más oscuro y los asuntos ue se tratan son serios o al menos más de lo ue suele ser habitual en ellaTodo avanza paso a paso y como siempre la uímica entre los protagonistas es magnífica la puedes palpar además

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    RESEÑA DE LOS MINI TOMOS UNO AL SEIS3'510Esta serie debo admitir ue no es de las mias y ue la habia dejado abandonada pero tras enamorarme de ese tomo único decidí terminarla aunue esta serie no me enganchara y tuviera una profesión ue no me gusta nada La nota subió del 0 al 3 4 lo ue no está nada malLa serie tiene sus cosas previsibles y otras imprevisibles Teniendo en cuenta lo ue retrata no es una lectura sencilla y muc

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    It's too damn shortBeautiful artwork amazing plot Where's the next volume? Please release it soon It's too good a yaoi to pass up

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