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D times of light hearted fun as well as heartbreakIn Spinning yarns The best Children's Stories from India the classic works of literary giants like Rabindranath Tagore and Premchand accompany the offerings of modern masters like R K Narayan Vi.

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Spinning yarns

Kram Seth Paul Zacharia and Sudha Murty Savour the evergreen charm of Sukumar Ray's poetry and devour an exciting shikar tale by Jim Corbett Well loved contemporary writers like Ruskin Bond Ranjit Lal and Paro Anand too find a place in the book.

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An anthology of the best children's stories from IndiaThere is something in this collection for everyone scary ghost stories thrilling adventure tales nonsense rhymes that will tickle you silly stories of school and home of celebrations and har.

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    Interesting story collection good for the Grades 5

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