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LadeThe Adakian Eagl. Local area author Enjoyed it Lansdale styled story lines

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Sergeant Chip and Other Novellas

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PBlackburn and the B. Bradley Denton s name has always been synonymous with uirky and high uality imaginative writing in a variety of genres ranging from horror to mainstream to science fiction so it s a pity he s still a well kept secret where most of the reading public is concerned He has written impressive novels BLACKBURN LAUGHIN BOY BUDDY HOLLY IS ALIVE AND WELL ON GANYMEDE and perhaps even impressive short story collections ONE DAY CLOSER TO DEATH A CONFLAGRATION ARTIST THE CALVIN COOLIDGE HOME FOR DEAD COMEDIANS so I do not make the following statement lightly in sheer uality I think SERGEANT CHIP AND OTHER NOVELLAS is the best book he has ever published If you have never read Bradley Denton before this is a perfect place to startThis collection showcases his ability to skillfully mix elements of genre and mainstream fiction according to the needs of the story The title story is near future science fiction believably and poignantly told from the viewpoint of an intelligent dog involved in a military conflict how the extremely loyal Sergeant Chip deals with unexpected betrayal makes for a riveting tale As other reviewers have noted Denton successfully straddles the line of sentiment without crossing over it and the story s emotional impact is well earnedBlackburn and the Blade showcases one of Denton s favorite characters the sympathetic serial killer Jimmy Blackburn from the novel BLACKBURN who comes into conflict with someone who may be a god Since the novel is suarely set in non supernatural territory I was a bit apprehensive that mixing Blackburn with a supernatural element might not work I needn t have worried as Denton hits it out of the park in this one What makes the story work is the emphasis upon human characters who are well developed with believable personalities and problems the novella is briskly paced and has a stunning climaxAs great as the first two stories are in my opinion The Adakian Eagle is the best story in the book and possibly the best story that Denton has ever written Set in an army camp in the Aleutian Islands in 1944 the story is essentially a mystery mixed with a minor supernatural element but what really makes the story is the involvement of the famous mystery writer Dashiell Hammett who really was stationed in the Aleutians at this time Denton s portrait of Hammett is sympathetic and hard edged as the former writer and detective reluctantly tries to help a fellow soldier framed for murder The resulting developments provide a true test of his character forcing him to face truths that would destroy a lesser man The ending packs a real emotional wallopIn short if you are not familiar with Bradley Denton s work then you need to buy this book If you re already familiar with his work you also need this book but then you probably already know that

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    this copy i

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    Bradley Denton's name has always been synonymous with uirky and high uality imaginative writing in a variety of genres ranging from ho

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    Local area author Enjoyed it Lansdale styled story lines

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    Denton is a superb writer Loved his homage to Dashiell Hammet the third novel in this collection of three All three are well done I don't usually go for this sort of macho writing but I loved it anyway

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    An outstanding collection of three very different novellas