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    We're nothing but secrets Books alchemy secret tunnels books friendships rivalries books and villains who become heroes? Oh and did I mention books? Oh so many booksI might complain every time I read that ridiculous X meets Y marketing strategy but I have to admit that Harry Potter meets The Book Thief meets Fahrenheit 451 is a pretty good descriptor for this book The main character Jess is indeed a book thie

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    I am on book tour currently and now appreciate every author who ever lived because this stuff is CRAY It's like doing a conv

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    Phew What a journey this book was I’ve read ‘‘books about books’’ before but nothing comparable to this one I presently have a grea

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    You have ink in your blood boy and no help for it Books will never be just a business to you Few people if any have ever set eyes on a book in Jess Brightwell's London And yet no one is illiterate and writing is considered sacred across the worldInstead of books everyone has blanks think ereader but run by alchemy and magic where they can rent as many books as they want respond to messages and conduct their lessons on But no one

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    REREAD June 2017Because I remember NOTHING I decided to reread this before heading onwards with the series And omg I'm so glad I did This book is precious and so book loving and the appreciation for novels is just giving me life I nearly up it to 5 stars but the romance still annoys me #AlasAlso fyi the audiobook is incredible The narrator is British and Jess' London accent is my favourite thing The narrator p

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    Dear bookworms of the world You need this book in your life If you don't buy read and love this as much as I did well I ain't gonna be your friend no With much love Faye Okay I kid I'll still be your friend nevertheless but do you think I'm kidding about the awesomeness of this book? Let me tell you something I don't al

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    DNF page 37Dry Dry DRYI gave this book 37 pages but I didn't feel anything for it Despite having an interesting premise that would appeal to most bibliophiles I felt like there was nothing there to hook me immediately There were animatronic lions and statues and then steam powered carriages for some reason this book is set in the near future so it was really odd It felt like a smattering of other successful stories right now in t

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    So I’d just like to point out that I was a weird child growing up I adored mythology than any other type of bedtime story and I began reading both The Iliad and The Odyssey at age 10 I know weird Having said that I was heartbroken when I later discovered that these were the only two Ancient Greek epics surviving out of the eight that were written now known as the Epic Cycle The thought of destroyed books makes me despa

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    GIVEAWAY find out the title of the seuel to Ink and Bone and win in a copy of Ink and Bone Review posted on The Eater of Books blogInk and Bone by Rachel CaineBook One of The Great Library seriesPublisher NALPublication D

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Jess Brightwell believes in the value of the Library but the majority of his knowledge comes from illegal books obtained by his family who are involved in the thriving black market Jess has been sent to be his family’s spy but his loyalties are tested in the final months of his tra. REREAD June 2017Because I remember NOTHING I decided to reread this before heading onwards with the series And omg I m so glad I did This book is precious and so book loving and the appreciation for novels is just giving me life I nearly up it to 5 stars but the romance still annoys me AlasAlso fyi the audiobook is incredible The narrator is British and Jess London accent is my favourite thing The narrator puts so so much emotion into it it just made the book come really alive Plus Wolfe has a Scottish accent and I m 5000% a fanuick Bucket Of Newish Thoughts Jess is actually adorable and my favourite I still wish we knew about Brendan THE LEVEL OF BOOK LOVING IS AMAZING Like Jess is traumatised from seeing someone eat a book Same son same I still don t really understand the entire magic system The library sucks man Wolfe x Santi are the ultimate ship in this book I still am peeved at how Jess gets so consumed with Morgan that he packs up his brain into a hollow bucket and posts it to Guadeloupe I mean Mate Focus here Morgan is also like one foot in the manic pixie dream girl grave KAHLEELAAAAAAA She wears a hijab and is the smartest and also the best 3 I find it ironic how opposed to fake books this is and like I m legit sitting here listening to an audio instead of an actual physical copy HA I forgot what Thomas did for Jess at the end hoLD me I m crying i HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS I REALLY LOVE THIS BOOK DARK PSYCHO LIBRARY SYSTEMS Bring me the seuel ORIGINAL REVIEW August 2015 eXCuSE mE I CAn T BrEAThE It s a book about books ABOUT BOOKS It s about book smuggling and book burning and book controlling It s incrediblealthough to be honest I did have a rather long list of uibbles about it But I enjoyed it I really enjoyed it The characters were complex AND DIVERSE OMG I AM SO HAPPY and the story was exciting and bookish and bloody The last 50 pages gave me goosebumps AND made me suawk a laugh out loud Although that might ve been a trauma laugh Probably STILL I love this bookIt s set in an Alternate Universe So not dystopian It s like a fantasy world set in 2025 where owning your own books is illegal The Alexandria Library never got destroyed and kinda controls everything And I mean everything It s got a very 19th century vibe to it so I figure that s when the printing press SHOULD have been invented but since it wasn t they killed the dude who invented it okay everyone is really rather stuck in that era Books progression I have to admit though the world building confused me There s magic Maybe They can like send bookspeoplethings with a kind of teleportation And they have these blank books that can be written in and wiped by the Weird Controlling Library People SO IS THIS MAGIC OR SCIENCE OR WHAT I was so confused It actually soured the beginning of the book for me Like in particular the book starts off with Jess as a 10yo smuggling a book across town BY RUNNING Doesn t running draw attention to you I have no idea why he wasn t sneaking but instead running and I have no idea why when he passed this line or something everyone stopped chasing him THE BEGINNING OF THE BOOK MAKES 0% SENSE TO ME Buuuutworldbuilding aside I seriously loved it I really loved Jess He was a pretty non nonsense sort of guy but he liked books Like LOVED books Like he will risk bodily harm to protect a book Omg I love you Jess His family are all book smugglers too but his dad wanted him to sign up for the tricky task of getting hired by the Alexandria Library sobasically he d have an inside mole I love books about families I only wish this was MORE about the smuggling side but I think that ll come in later books Jess also has a twin Brenden who seems like a regular adorable psychopath Exciting I hope he features in the next books tooThere s also a stack of other characters Seriously it s a BIG CAST And they were all different and well developed and dynamic and interesting and AFJDSAKLFD I CANNOT LOVE THEM ALL ENOUGH Jess meets most of these characters as his classmates when they re going through lessons to get into the libraryThomas He s German and huge and SUCH A SWEETIE I loved Thomas Although he was an inventor and erm the book starts off telling us they KILL inventors so I was freaking out for Thomas so much He was so naive andgenius Khalila She was middle eastern and SUPER SMART She s like the Hermoine She scored 100%like seriously The test was insanely hard She had a softer side but she was all tough and I don t need your help I am not a damsel I LOVE HER Dario He s Spanish and he and Jess just have this unreasonable rivalry which is hilarious Glain She s Welsh so she and Jess clashed on principle of their country s rivalry and she didn t have as much interestingness as the others Wolfe EXCUSE ME WHILE I SCREECH MY LOVE FOR WOLFE He s the super cranky instructor You know the kind that nearly sets his classroom on fire in the first lesson Love im And he s MEAN and UNFAIR and such a really adorable softie insidegah He s like a coconut And also I shipped him so hard with view spoilerSanti LIKE OMG A surprisingly endearing LGBT romance that was just there and accepted and normal YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU hide spoiler

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Ining to enter the Library’s service When his friend inadvertently commits heresy by creating a device that could change the world Jess discovers that those who control the Great Library believe that knowledge is valuable than any human life and soon both heretics and books will bur. THERE IS A HIJABI IN THISA HIJABIIN YA FANTASYI M CRYING SO MUCHGIIIMMMMMEEEEE

review Ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ñ Rachel Caine

Ruthless and supremely powerful the Great Library is now a presence in every major city governing the flow of knowledge to the masses Alchemy allows the Library to deliver the content of the greatest works of history instantly but the personal ownership of books is expressly forbidden. I am on book tour currently and now appreciate every author who ever lived because this stuff is CRAY It s like doing a convention for 3 weeks straight but you re flying to different cities every day and since i m a REALLY picky sleeper I m starting to feel like someone s trying to murder me if the bed has a low thread count Anyway I loaded my Kindle up with reads in anticipation of traveling a lot and this book was 1 on my list to get to first And I loved itI m a big fan of Rachel Caine from her romance novels and I know her in real life because I fanned out when I met her over her books several years ago haha She wrote a few series we ve read in my Vaginal Fantasy book club so imagine my surprise when I read this and it s not a girlie romance at all it s a YA novel with a boy protagonist And it s SO GOOD This series is a fantasy love letter to books When I was reading it all I could think about was how much I loved going into a library as a kid and flipping through the books and finding new worlds How it was forbidden to draw in a book and how terrible it was to mess one up in the slightest Books were special This series is set in an alt world where printing presses don t exist the Library in Alexandria never was burnt and knowledge is controlled by an all powerful Library capital letter Our hero is a member of a family who smuggles actual books so you re dropped immediately into a fantasy world that s rich with conflict Anyway I don t want to give away but there are amazing themes about freedom and the average person s right to knowledge as well as the permeating feeling of REVERENCE towards books I felt very guilty that I was reading it on a kindle lol and wanted to run out and buy a real live book immediately after reading Anyway if you love books this is a great read It s YA in tone but not too kiddie there s some dramatic stuff that happens but it sets up for some great twists in the next book which I ll be sure to pick up A uick fun read