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Kraken A gothic erotic horror with tentacle non conWhen boyfriend Parker gives him an ultimatum Will never dreams his heart is about to be ripped out move to a remote off shore island with him or call it uits But Wi. Gothic Horror Monster Porn This is how it s done Creepy setting checkGhastly surprises checkVaguely arousing scenes of appalling disregard for the limits of human biology self determination andor common decencyOh yesCheck check check This was a riotIgnore minor proofing niggles it s worth your timeMary Shelly wished she could make you horny grossed out and scared shitless all at onceWe know this because she said so In her letters discussing what she wanted to do when she created Frankenstein s monsterTHIS IS WHAT SHE WANTED TO DO WITH FRANKENSTEIN S MONSTERShe wanted it to fuck her stalk her a bit catch her and fuck her some and then die in some slightly un final way that allowed for the possibility that it would rise from the dead to fuck her even So Much FunOperation Calamari a complete successAnd it s free PS never ever ever google tentacleporn gif at work Srrssly Just don t do it

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Kraken By M. Caspian

Activities between men that may offend some people It also contains scenes of rape extreme violence tentacles and reference to sexual abuse of children63000 wordsAvailable at for Kindle and Smashwords in all format. Surprisingly amazingly I really liked it Well maybe you re not surprised or amazed but I am I do not like horror I ve given drunken speeches at parties and sober speeches to friends on GR about how I don t like horror Horror as a genre actually pisses me off a little Here s why this is also known as my super sad story about what I like to call the Worst Halloween EVER or why I hate my ex and Sarah Michelle Gellar euallyBecause that fucker the ex made me spend money I didn t have I was unemployed at the time on a sexy witch costume someone please shoot me in the fucking head and go with his idiot friend and his idiot child bride to see Sarah Michelle Gellar in The Grudge at the Gateway Mall Cinema 17 in Springfield OR on October 31st 2004 That movie was stupid okay And the costume was massively uncomfortable and I wasn t going to buy a strapless bra just for one fucking evening so my straps were showing and I am not fucking Erin Brockovich and yeah I realize no one really made me be there and I could ve said no but I was trying to be nice to the ex s idiot friends which really did not work out well and I do not get why it s so fucking awesome to see a movie where everyone DIES There has to a point a reason a person to root for who is not a FUCKING MORON and that person was not Sarah Michelle Gellar let me tell youLike I said a tragic tale Anyway it wasn t like that experience turned me off horror forever it s just that I was always kind of meh over the genre as a whole And after that night anytime anyone says the word horror in relation to a book movie or TV show all I hear is We should see The Grudge on Halloween It ll be fun and I feel pissed off and start wishing I had a handy screwdriver to gouge out my eyes And by the way Sarah Michelle Gellar if we ever meet in person I WANT MY FUCKING MONEY BACK nodsThat is a really long introduction to why I liked this book but fuck it I needed to get that shit off my chesticles Also I do have a point and it s this I think it s time to redefine horror my definition of it anyway Because apparently I not only enjoy vampires and werewolves and serial killers and will happily eat dinner while watching a zombie chew out the innards of an old man but I also enjoy erotic horror with tentacle rapeAfter all the horror genre encapsulates Gothic fiction or maybe that s the other way round whatever which I absolutely adore From The Castle of Otranto to Jane Eyre to Dracula to Rebecca to the crappy paperback copies of Victoria Holt novels I found at my local library when I was a kid I love that genreAnd this is it Here is my point Kraken is an awesome example of a modern Gothic romance Or really modern Gothic fiction with some romance thrown in I even put in bold so we can all remember there is an actual purpose to this review We have the naive young Will off to visit his boyfriend on a mysterious island which is filled with oddly friendly but mysterious and creepy locals who won t tell him shit about shit There are plenty of warnings that maybe this trip isn t the best idea but does our Will pay any attention Heck no What fun would that be Btw Will goes out of his way to inform us that he s not only plain but boring and really I can t find it in me to disagree with his self assessment and yet not one but two men maybe three find him absolutely irresistible And then and creepy shit happens tension mounts weird shit happens Will over and over proves that he s a few noodles short of a full chow mein seriously dude view spoiler hide spoiler

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Ll picks wrong and now he’s heading into the unknown to fix his mistake But why do the locals think they recognise him And why can’t he seem to leave Reader advisory This work of fiction contains explicit sexual. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY SEXY GINGER KRAKENKraken lures entices and once the prey is within his web of deception he tortures Kraken is not I repeat NOT a good guy Kraken kept me guessing the entire time WTF was uttered freuently There are so many pieces of the puzzle that frankly DON T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE I kept coming up with a theory and 10 pages later I m not touching the plot because you should experience it for yourself I will say The stones reminded me of a certain sexy dude who carries a whip Kraken creeped me outI cringed OftenI m still completely in the dark about the noodle fetish Is this a thing Kraken has been called non conrape Yes Maybe Possibly Struck me as horror with rape and torture but tomato to mah toeThis author has talent in the storytelling department and I believe M Caspian went through the suspense line twice at writing school It could ve used a final edit to correct some SPaG mistakes The island and ocean aspects were described really well It seemed like there was a good bit of research on ocean life which I enjoyed it fed my sea lifeauariumjellyfishshark uotaIf you like suspense filled horror andor tentacles you will enjoy Kraken

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    Gothic Horror Monster Porn This is how it's done Creepy setting checkGhastly surprises checkVaguely arousing scenes of appalling disregard for the limits of human biology self determination andor common decencyOh yesCheck check check This was a riotIgnore minor proofing niggles—it's worth your timeMary Shelly wished she could ma

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    EDITED TO ADD You guys if you got the free copy at Smashwords ages ago you probably spotted the typos Good news You can go and redownload the updated version Which I am totally going to do now because I have so

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    So basicallyI think it's safe to say that I've never felt like of a deviant than when I read this book and my head was loaded with Yeah baby thoughts

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    Having stared at those 'lovely' suction cups on the cover for a while I decided that I really truly was in need of some answers So I googledTurns out tentacle porn likely got popular thanks to the Japanese don’t act like this surprises you p Especially Toshio Maeda’s manga which featured tentacle rape got the ball rolling According to Maeda he started the practice “in order to get around Japan's strict censorship laws whic

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    If you're in a horror movie you make poor decisions It's what you do No one proves this better than Will From the very beginning he makes one bad choice after anotherThere are just some things that cannot be excused though Like if you see some creepy guy's arms turn into tentacles you don't stay to ask uestions YOU RUN THE FUCK AWAYNo matter how hot you find noodle porn Yeah I have no idea wtf that was eitherSo

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    DO NOT BE FOOLED BY SEXY GINGER KRAKENKraken lures entices and once the prey is within his web of deception he tortures Kraken is not

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    No bait and switch here This story is exactly as advertised Creepy freaky awe inspiring as in terrifying spectacle This is a monster story in a classic gothic manner Read the warnings and if you're still good READ the story Not going to say anything Less is definitely in terms of preparationGood old fashion horror story with explicit erotic overtones

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    Surprisingly amazingly I really liked it Well maybe you're not surprised or amazed but I am I do not like horror I've given drunken s

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    Cannot be less than 5 Stars A beguiling dark erotica with strong plot and round charactersStarts with a bang ends with a Super Bang Kraken ticks off just about all of my tentacle sex reuirements It's almost like the author heard my lamentations on the lacking I found in most of of my tentacle erotica It scored so

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    A perfectly horrible shivers down the back of my neck scary story I love that the non con aspects are treated as such and that rape