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Ainst them Gall also traces the emergence of offshoot gangs such as the Junior Business Boys and chronicles some of their major confrontations culminating in the infamous Battle Of Rocky LaneAt last a book that deals with football hooligan culture without tabloid sensationalism KNAV.


Zulus By Caroline Gall

The Zulu Army of Birimigham City occupies a uniue place in the annals of terrace violence Britain's biggest multi racial football firmBBC Journalist Caroline Gall was granted unprecedented access to the gang and spent a year interviewing Zulu leaders and footsoldiers She traces how.

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They emerged from a shadowy group called the Apex on the St Andrew's terraces to become one of the top five mobs in the country uncovers their role in some of the worst football related riots of modern times and looks in depth at Operation Red Card the successful police operation ag.

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