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Nd The actions stresses Murphy's relationship with black ops friend Norm as he turns to a cartel attorney and ex drug smuggler for help Before the plan comes to an end Murphy could lose his.

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Car Wash Blues

Fiance Tita and other Key West friends As the battle between cartels and authorities rages on Mallory Docks Murphy must choose who he trusts and surprises Tita and himself with his decisio.

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Without his knowledge Mick Murphy is thrust into the middle of plans to smoke out Mexican cartel gangs in Tijuana Mexico and their cohorts in the USA while using a Key West Florida backgrou.

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    The only mystery in this book is who Mick Murphy can trust and the answer sadly is no one I might have liked th

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    Never had a clue as to what was happening I loved this book It twisted and turned so many times I never figured out what was going to happen next This book is one of a series but it stands alone very well I will now go back and read the others I will be happy to read all Mick Murphy mysteries as this was a very exciting book I did not want

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