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Bonnie Bryant â 6 SUMMARY

S to end her career Stevie Carole and Lisa want their friend Kate Devine to take over but does Kate have what it takes to be a gold medal rider.

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Gold Medal Rider Saddle Club #54

Ce Benner and her horse Southwood Beatrice is the most spoiled rich girl they've ever met but she is a talented rider Then an accident threaten.

CHARACTERS Gold Medal Rider Saddle Club #54

The Saddle Club is thrilled to be attending an international riding competition even if it means they have to serve as humble grooms for Beatri.

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    Another appearance by Kate Devine an out of town Saddle Club member and a firm favourite of mine This one centres around Kate's inability to compete in horse riding events without it bringing out a nasty of her that takes away all enjoyment of the sport she loves It's an exciting and thoughtful book and one I always enjoy

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    A good series for horse crazy young teens I loved it when I was younger

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