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Free download Elena's Conuest Black Lace

Elena's Conuest Black Lace

In 1070 AD just after the Norman Conuest Elena leads a peaceful but uneventful lif.

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D blond Saxon who has been haunting her dreams But her life is set to change cours.

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E Lately she's been yearning for something sinful the intimate touch of the muscle.

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    In the brutal medieval time period Elena a beautiful young Saxon girl raised by nuns finds her life turned upside down when the convent is attacked by Normans She's taken prisoner and made a slave of a brutal warrior who despises the filthy Saxon's especially the woman because he'd been betrayed by one years earlier He intends to punish her for this past woman's transgressions and instead finds himself becomin

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    This is a very erotic book set in the 11th century in England Elena is a young virgin who lives in a convent When Normans invade the land she's taken captive by Lord Aimery le Sabreen He's got a scar he's very Alpha and he has savage desires or so the book blurb describes it They weren't all that savage but he

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    This was not at all what I thought I'm not sure why I have it and I'm less sure why I read it and it's not great but at least it never once pretends to be anything other than porn

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