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    Revised 28 March 2012 Huh? Oh Oh man WowI just had the weirdest dreamThere was this little town right? And everybody had like the same two names And there was this guy who lived under a tree and a lady who ate dirt and some other guy who just made little gold fishes all the time And sometimes it rained and sometimes it didn’t and and there were fire ants everywhere and some girl got carried off into the sky by her laundryWow That was mes

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    I guarantee that 95% of you will hate this book and at least 70% of you will hate it enough to not finish it but I

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    So I know that I'm supposed to like this book because it is a classic and by the same author who wrote Love in the Time of Cholera Unfortunately I just think it is unbelievably boring with a jagged plot that seems interminable Sure

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    What is your favourite book mum? How many times have my children asked me that growing up with a mother who spends most of her time reading to them alone for work for pleasure or looking for new books in bookstores wherev

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    More like A Hundred Years of Torture I read this partly in a misguided attempt to expand my literary horizons and partly because my uncle was a big fan of Gabriel Garcia Maruez Then again he also used to re read Ulysses for fun which just goes to show that you should never take book advice from someone whose I is than 3

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    Mystical and captivatingOne Hundred Years of Solitude by Nobel laureate Gabriel García Máruez first published in 1967 in his native Colombia and then first published in English in 1970 is a uniue literary experience overwhelming in its virtuosity and magnificent in scopeI recall my review of Tolstoy’s War and Peace trying to de

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    i remember the day i stopped watching cartoons an episode of thundercats in which a few of the cats were trapped in some kind of superbubble thing and it hit me that being cartoons the characters could just be erased and

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    One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Maruez is a tremendous piece of literature It's not an easy read You're no

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    One Hundred Years of Solitude is an absolute ground breaking book; it is intelligent creative and full of powerful anecdotal wisdom It deservedly won the noble prize for literature But how enjoyable is it? How rea

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    Magical realism has been one of my favorite genres of reading ever since I discovered Isabel Allende and the Latina amiga writers when I was in high school Taking events from ordinary life and inserting elements o

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Cien años de soledad

Sí como los nombres de los personajes se repiten una y otra vez fusionando la fantasía con la realidad En los tres primeros capítulos se narra el éxodo de un grupo de familias y el e. What is your favourite book mum How many times have my children asked me that growing up with a mother who spends most of her time reading to them alone for work for pleasure or looking for new books in bookstores wherever we happen to beI can t answer that there are so many books I love and in different waysJust name one that comes to mindAnd I said without really knowing why and without thinkingOne Hundred Years Of SolitudeWhyBecauseThis novel taught me that chaos and order are two sides of the same medal called family life It taught me that sadness and love go hand in hand and that life is easy and complicated at the same time It taught me that many wishes actually come true but never in the way we expect and most often with a catch It taught me that sun and rain follow each other even though we might have to wait for four years eleven months and two days for rain to stop falling sometimes It taught me that there are as many recipes for love as there are lovers in the world and that human beings are lazy and energetic good and bad young and old ugly and beautiful honest and dishonest happy and sad all at the same time together and lonelyIt taught me that we are forever longing for what we do not have until we get what we long for Then we start longing for what we lost when our dreams came trueThis novel opened up the world of absurdities to me and dragged me in like no other In each member of the Buend a family I recognise some relation or myself or both Macondo is the world in miniature and wherever I go it follows me like a shadow It is not rich peaceful or beautiful It is just Macondo No no lessMy favourite book I don t know There are so many But I don t think any other could claim to be loved than this one

Summary Cien años de soledad

Stablecimiento del pueblo de Macondo desde el capítulo 4 hasta el 16 se trata el desarrollo económico político y social del pueblo y los últimos cuatro capítulos narran su decadenci. One Hundred Years of Solitude is an absolute ground breaking book it is intelligent creative and full of powerful anecdotal wisdom It deservedly won the noble prize for literature But how enjoyable is it How readable is itGabriel Garc a M ruez plays around with reality itself he plays around with the limitations of fiction he uses elements of magic of the fantastic to give voice to things that could never be said uite as effectively in normal terms he breaks through realism and establishes his own original style He did nothing short of launching a new mode of literary address magical realism He wasn t the first writer to do such a thing though his writing was the first to attract criticism which in effect allowed for it to be defined and recognised For me the strongest element of the book resides in its inherent pessimism with its unfortunate understanding that history can and will repeat itself All good intentions go awry indeed One Hundred Years of Solitude challenges the progress or lack thereof of society It creates a self contained history in its isolated framework which arguably reflects the nature of mankind or at least it echoes Columbian history with its liberal history in the face of imperialism No matter how much we want to change the world or how much we believe in a revolution or a new political ideal these good intentions often become warped when faced with the horrors of war and bloodshed Nothing really changes There s no denying the success of M ruez s epic there s no denying its ingenuity I really enjoyed parts of the novel but it was awfully difficult to read uncomfortably so The prose is extremely loose and free flowing to the point where it feels like thought it s like a torrent of verbal diarrhoea that feels like it will never end Characters die eerily similar characters take their place within the story and the narrative continues until the well has completely run dry of any actual life It is pushed so terribly far one hundred years to be precise And that s my biggest problem I m a sentimentalist I like to feel when I read I like to be moved either to anger or excitement I want to invest in the characters I want to care about their lives and I want to be provoked by their actions M ruez s approach meant that this was impossible to do so It s a huge story told in just a few hundred pages It s sweeps across the lives of the characters some exceedingly important characters in the story are introduced and die a very short time after to establish the sheer futility of human existence and effort M ruez tried to demonstrate M ruez writes against European tradition and the legacy of colonialism he creates something totally new which is becoming increasingly hard to do Although I do appreciate this novel I did not enjoy reading it as much as I could have doneFacebook Twitter Insta Academia

Free read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook õ Gabriel García Márquez

El libro se compone de 20 capítulos no titulados en los cuales se narra una historia con una estructura cíclica temporal ya ue los acontecimientos del pueblo y de la familia Buendía a. I guarantee that 95% of you will hate this book and at least 70% of you will hate it enough to not finish it but I loved it Guess I was just in the mood for it Here s how it breaks downAMAZING THINGS I can literally feel new wrinkles spreading across the surface of my brain when I read this guy He s so wicked smart that there s no chance he s completely sane His adjectives and descriptions are 100% PERFECT and yet entirely nonsensical After reading three chapters it starts making sense and that s when you realize you re probably crazy too And you are We all areThe magical realism style of the book is DELICIOUS Sure it s an epic tragedy following a long line of familial insanity but that doesn t stop the people from eating dirt coming back from the dead spreading a plague of contagious insomnia or enjoying a nice thunderstorm of yellow flowers It s all presented in such a natural light that you think Of course Of course he grows auatic plants in his false teeth Now why wouldn t heThis guy is the epitome of uniue Give me a single sentence ANY SENTENCE the man has ever written and I will recognize it Nobody writes like him Also his sentences average about 1438 words each so pretty much it s either him or FaulknerREASONS WHY MOST OF YOU WILL HATE THIS BOOK I have to engage every ounce of my mental ability just to understand what the is going on Most people who read for relaxation and entertainment will want to send Maruez hate mail Also there are approximately 20 main characters and about 4 names that they all share I realize that s probably realistic in Hispanic cultures of the era but SERIOUSLY by the time you get to the sixth character named Aureliano you ll have to draw yourself a diagram Not even the classic Russians suffer from as much name confusion as this guyOn an uber disturbing note Maruez has once again as he did in Love in the Time of Cholera written a grown man having sex with a girl as young as 9 which is pretty much 1 on my list of Things That Make You Go EWW He makes Lolita look like Polyanna on the virtue chart Note to authors You give ONE of your characters a uniue but disgusting characteristic and it s good writing Give it to than one and we start thinking we re reading your psychological profile ya creepIf you feel like pushing your brain to its max read it The man did win the Nobel after all it s amazing But get ready to work harder to understand something than you ever have before in your life And may God be with youFAVORITE UOTES coincidentally also the shortest ones in the bookShe had the rare virtue of never existing completely except at the opportune momentHe soon acuired the forlorn look that one sees in vegetariansChildren inherit their parents madnessHe really had been through death but he had returned because he could not bear the solitudeThe air was so damp that fish could have come in through the doors and swum out the windowsHe was unable to bear in his soul the crushing weight of so much pastIt s enough for me to be sure that you and I exist at this momentA person doesn t die when he should but when he can

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