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Nitnem and Ardaas

Is composed of a collection of five prayers to be done during different periods of the day Morning 3 prayers Japji Sahib Jaap Sahib and Sawaiye Evening 1 prayer – Rehras Sahib Night 1 prayer – Kirtan Sohila Ardaas should be done after every prayer session I have included Ardaas for the reader in this book too The person who forms the habit of doing Nitnem daily ultimately experiences bliss and peace While the best experience would be derived from reading the prayers in.

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This prayer book is the kind manifestation of Waheguru ji’s grace It is aimed to assist all especially the young and those who do not understand Gurmukhi yet to do Nitnem Prayer is an essential part of Sikhism As food nourishes and strengthens the body prayer purifies the mind uplifts the soul Sikhs are ordained to rise in the morning and meditate on the Name of God ‘Waheguru’ They are also expected to do ‘Nitnem’ which literally means ‘Daily Routine’ Nitnem.

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Gurmukhi there should be no hindrance for anyone who does not know the Gurmukhi script to do Nitnem While every effort has been made to simplify the transliteration I encourage the reader to read the prayers while listening to them in audio format a couple of times This will help them grasp the correct pronunciation There is a section for links to the individual prayers in YouTube This will help to get the correct pronunciation or if you wish to just listen to the prayers.

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    Writing size was too small for my mother to read properly even with her glasses Although this won't be a problem for most people Everything else was fine

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    I thought this would have translation but it only has transliteration I am still learning Punjabi and I don't believe in saying prayers that I don't know the meaning of The transliteration also suffers from the

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